DealerKnows Introduces First Lead Management Coaching Software to Automotive Industry

Car dealer training firm, DealerKnows, creates the automotive industry's first sales process coaching software. The tool, designed to grade the follow-up performance of automotive sales associates, improves Internet lead handling efficiencies.
Sept. 26, 2012 - PRLog -- Car dealership employees better start taking care of customers in a professional manner or they might start getting bad grades.  DealerKnows Consulting, one of the nation's most recognized automotive training firms, has created a patent-pending technology that assigns weighted, statistical grades to how well car sales personnel follow-up with their sales customers.

This lead management coaching software, an automotive industry first, is named TaskTeacher because of its ability to both train, coach, monitor, measure, and grade the sales teams of dealerships, ensuring they are properly responding to sales requests from consumers.  Invented by DealerKnows' executives, Joe Webb and Bill Playford, the grading tool was designed to help keep a watchful eye on professional business practices as well as allow dealership managers to hold their salespeople accountable for good sales behavior.  The tool reviews how Internet sales leads are being managed, assigns grades based on many variables of tasks to complete, and sends automatic alerts with coaching tips to the sales person as well as their managers.

"More than anything, today's automotive Internet shoppers deserve to have their questions answered in a timely and professional manner.  However, there are few to no requirements that salespeople handling inbound sales requests must follow. TaskTeacher allows dealership managers the ability to both monitor and train their sales teams on the best ways to follow-up with their Internet and sales opportunities." says founder of DealerKnows, Joe Webb.

Bill Playford, Vice President of DealerKnows, agrees, "Without TaskTeacher, there is virtually no control or structure as to how an Internet salesperson handles their inbound sales requests.  Yet, customers that seek out sales assistance and information from dealerships are such a valuable commodity.  They are the driving force of business to dealerships and still go wildly unanswered because there is no reinforcement of best practices.  Our patent-pending technology solves the issues of how, why, when, and what to send back to interested customers because it trains while it grades."

Automotive dealers interested in grading how their Internet team performs, maximizing their Internet sales profits and improving the processes in which Internet customers are handled should contact DealerKnows Consulting at

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