Royal Siam Launches “One” Anti Aging Treatment Using Plant Stem Cell Extracts

Premium skincare manufacturer Royal Siam Natural Health and Beauty has released an extension to their “Ultra Cosmeceuticals” range with the launch of a new single-application anti aging and anti-wrinkle product based on plant stem cell extracts.
Royal Siam Ultra Cosmeceuticals Activ8 "One" Treatment
Royal Siam Ultra Cosmeceuticals Activ8 "One" Treatment
Sept. 25, 2012 - PRLog -- Called “Activ8 One Treatment”, the product is designed to complement the Activ8 Plus+C Facial Serum launched earlier in the year, which contains three of the most powerful antioxidants available in the skincare market, and uniquely is designed as a single treatment rather than an ongoing regime – with the option to repeat the single treatment as required.

“Put on the cream half an hour before bedtime and make sure it is gently massaged into the face and neck and by the time you go to bed it will have been mostly absorbed by the skin,” says Royal Siam’s head, David Christensen. “It’s designed to do its work overnight and you wash as normal the following morning, but by then the active ingredients will have deeply penetrated the skin layers, as they are carried by silicon based nano particles which easily penetrate the outer skin surface. The ingredients will continue to work actively for several days although we expect most people will see a difference in fine lines and wrinkles immediately.”

“In fact we are so confident of the results we offer a full money-back guarantee with no fine print if the customer isn’t satisfied,” he adds.

One of the key ingredients of the new “One” Treatment is plant based stem cell extract, a recent development in the global anti aging industry and one that is quickly becoming seen as one of the most important developments of recent years and likely to be seen more and more in the future.

Pioneered by Swiss biotechnology company Mibelle Biochemistry, the technology extracts stem cells from suitable plant species – the first and most prominent being a rare breed of Swiss apple which has remarkable longevity characteristics. Although originating from a plant, these stem cells prove to be highly suitable for the promotion of human epidermal stem cells (ESC), and their research has shown clear correlation with the use of the ingredient and significant improvements in skin appearance, reduction of wrinkles, skin tone and elasticity. Mibelle Biotechnology has patented the process and trademarked it as PhytoCellTec™ and is now actively working on the extraction of stem cell extracts from other suitable species including the rose.

“Most ingredients that help reduce wrinkles and make the skin look younger do so in a variety of ways, some every effectively, but the use of plant stem cell technology works at a different level,” says Mr Christensen “that is leaning towards not simply stating your skin looks younger, but it actually is younger because of the more rapid generation of new human skin cells thanks to the inclusion of PhytoCellTec™ as an ingredient”.

“We chose to go down the path of developing a one application treatment that will produce a visible improvement after a single overnight application rather than a daily regimen because we saw this as a market demand for quick action and visible results rather than a vague future promise,” states Mr Christensen. “This certainly isn’t a magic potion and visible results won’t be evident in a few days for some people – and for others they may not see the results as being significant. So that’s why we believe the single treatment option covered by the no questions asked money back guarantee is the best way for a customer to try the product with no risk – if they are not satisfied their money is refunded and it’s all done-and-dusted in a week. If they are happy with the product, then the single application treatment can be repeated to maintain the improvement – for most people that will be one every 4-8 weeks but that depends on the individual.”

Activ8 One Treatment is available online direct from Royal Siam at and costs US$39.95 for a 10g jar (suitable for 1-2 treatments), with a limited offer of free shipping to any destination globally.
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