Will the electric drum set replace regular drums? Is an electronic drum set better ?

Will the electric drum set replace regular drums? Is an electronic drum set better than drums as we know them today? Find out why electric drum sets are the growing trend.Is a Yamaha electric drum set better than regular drums?
By: Electric Drum Set Stars Yamaha
Sept. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- Will the electric drum set replace regular drums? Is an electronic drum set better than drums as we know them today? Find out why electric drum sets are the growing trend.

Not that long ago electric drum sets were a novelty. Something not to be taken really seriously. An electric drum set cannot really replace a regular drum set, can it?

When electronic drums first came out they weren't anywhere near as sophisticated as they are today.

One of the major complaints about electric drums was that it just did not feel right. Today, quality electric drum sets have realistic pad sets that can give drummers that natural feel. This is one of the major advances in electric drums today.

One of the biggest reasons the electric drums are taking over is simply the ability to practice quietly. This has always been a major drawback for anyone that wanted to play the drums, the noise.

The first thing that goes into a parent's mind if their child says they want to play the drums is the noise. They are concerned about noise for themselves, the neighbors. More drummer wannabes have had their career halted right at this moment.

An electric drum set changes all that. The electric drums allow for a drummer to practice in almost any setting.

So here it is, A large percentage of young drummers today are going to be learning on an electric drum set. There I said it. Not only that many purists will realize that one of the major benefits of having an electronic drum set is that it will allow them to practice at home, at all hours.

I know, I know, electronic drums will never replace a ''real'' drum set you say. Really ? If you went to someone's house 50 or 60 years ago and they had an organ ,it was usually a pedal organ. Before that were the pipe organs. If you go to someone's house today what do you usually see for an organ? Usually you just see an electric keyboard set do not you?

A real organ is something of a relic today. You see them in churches that maybe have had them for a long time, old theaters. When was the last time you saw someone perform with a real organ? The organ has been bypassed by electric keyboards friend.

As time goes by and more and more young drummers learn on an electric drum set the ''regular drums'' will slowly become a thing of the past.

This doesn't mean regular drums sets will disappear. They will be around for a long time but their fate will be similar to the pedal organ.

Now for those that scream ''NO'' this will never be, there have always been people who love and stand up for traditional things.

 That was said by many ''purists'' with the coming of the steam ships as opposed to sailing ships. Many of their complaints were the "unnatural feel of the steam ships movement." There is that different feel argument again.

The same with the automobile and the horse and buggy. Sure they are still around but they are a novelty these days too.

So if you are a ''purist'' drummer what can you do about this? I would suggest you look into an electric drum set!

 A Yamaha electric drum set is one of the more popular and best selling as well as the Roland electric drum set. There are websites with electronic drum set reviews as well.

Now, no one is saying to throw away your drum set. But wouldn't  it be nice to be able to practice almost anywhere, anytime?

 So unhitch your horse and buggy old timer and head on over to

            http://www.electricdrumsetstars.com/      for the latest on an electric drum set.

  You can find out about a Yamaha electric drum set, a Roland electric drum set as well as find the latest electric drum set reviews.
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