Realizing Directed Particle Beam Weapons - Science fiction or science fact?

Directed particle beam weapons have become technologically feasible. New physics associated with the new field of Unified Field Mechanics has allowed yesterday's science fiction to become todays science fact.
By: Noetic Advanced Studies Instit
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Sept. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- The last great age of discovery occurred about 100 years ago with the switch from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics. Now with the immanent transition to Unified Field Mechanics directed energy beam weapons are now technologically feasible. Historically such weapons have been said to use PHASed Energy Rectification and are called phasers in the science fiction of Star Trek. If this seems like a fantastic unattainable dream of science fiction recall that about 50 years ago before the laser was invented an engineer in a position similar to ours might have said: "I am going to align a pair of front silvered mirrors more perfectly than anyone considered doing before. I will wrap and ordinary high-intensity photo flash lamp around a synthetic ruby rod and create a 'light explosion'so powerful it will burn a hole through steel". Get the message?

Our "Star Trek Phaser" is a space-time MASER, where in this case the M stands for de Broglie Matter-Waves instead of Microwaves. The day to consider Star Trek beam weapons like phasers as science fiction has gone forever. Until recently physicists found many ways to empirically demonstrate the existence of de Broglie matter waves for particles, atoms and even molecules but until now have not utilized them technologically.Our R & D teams around the world are gearing up for prototype beam weapon development. Proof of concept experiments have already been performed.

This technology is profoundly similar to that announced in PRLog (Press Release): on ' Matter-Wave Antiballistic Defense Shield Technologies'.
The difference in the utility of de Broglie matter-wave vacuum programming for a defence shield and directed beam weapons is for the most part essentially just a change of phase in space-time vacuum programing - simplistically like static electricity versus the flow of electricity..

What is the advantage of matter-wave beam weapons over the photon laser cannons already developed by Lawrence Livermore Labs? The issue is the difference in the beams energy, E of photons in a laser and the huge Einstein factor mc^2 in directed de Broglie matter-wave beam weapon - i.e. the difference in power between a kilogram of TNT and a kilogram of plutonium in an atomic bomb. Also after Unified Field Mechanics matures sufficiently the dirercted beam may contain antimatter instead of ordinary Fernions.

More technical details can be found in the recent monographs: "The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse: Formalizing the Complex Geometry of Reality" and "Orbiting the Moons of Pluto: Complex Solutions to the Einstein, Maxwell, Schrödinger, and Dirac equations".
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