Treat Hypertension Naturally with Ayurveda

Hypertension has become a synonym for Western lifestyle and modern day ailments. The conventional treatment with Beta-Blockers leaves those suffering from high blood pressure dependent on medication. Ayurveda offers a healthy alternative.
By: Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka
Sept. 20, 2012 - PRLog -- Only 25% of the population above 60 years has normal blood pressure!

High blood pressure is considered to be one of the most common diseases in the western world. Despite the seriousness of the effects of hypertension, it usually starts unnoticed and without pain. Even when discomforts begin after several years, they are often uncharacteristic, such as headaches, dizziness, nasal bleeding, or tinnitus and as such, are not associated with hypertension.  If not treated, however, physical damages on heart, arteries, brain and kidneys can arise. The consequences are arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris, heart attack, dementia and stroke.

Unfortunately, in most cases, conventional physicians don’t know the actual cause of the high blood pressure. In 90 percent of all cases, only the symptoms are treated, while the cause continues to exist. Typical conventional treatments include the prescription of beta-blockers. These do permanently reduce the blood pressure, but also have to be taken for the rest of life. If discontinued, the problems return – after all their cause continues to exist.

Causes from the Ayurvedic Point of View:

Caraka, der „Forefather of Ayurveda“ lists the following causes for Kapha-related heart-diseases:

Too much food, too much fatty and heavy food, lack of physical and mental activity, too much sleep and a too lazy lifestyle. So this already existed 3500 years ago! The daily stress so many people are exposed to today can also contribute to high blood pressure, just as excessive consumption of cigarettes and alcohol.

From the Ayurvedic viewpoint, the following food items and eating habits are especially harmful:
•   fatty and deep fried food
•   obesity
•   conventional salt
•   too many saturated fats
•   red meat
•   Frozen, canned and re-heated food
•   Excessive alcohol-, coffee- and tee-consumption
High blood pressure can also be caused by mental tension and exhaustion. Ayurveda considers these cases to be an imbalance of Vata/Pitta.
The good news is that Ayurveda can not only prevent these cardiovascular diseases, but can also reverse already existing damages with purely natural remedies.
The Ayurvedic Approach to Hypertension
According to Ayurveda, all three doshas as well as the heart and arteries are involved in high blood pressure. Generally, a disturbance of the Vata-Dosha is recognizeable. The aim of the treatments is to re-establish the balance of Vata. In many cases, Pitta-Dosha is also involved and will also be integrated into the treatment plan. The treatments will include Panchakarma and its herbal remedies as well as suggestions for a change of diet, physical fitness, breathing-exercises (Pranayama), Yoga, meditation and encouragements for a change of life-style.

One of the Ayurvedic remedies given in case of hypertension is „Ravolfia“ as well as several different decoctions.
If the high blood pressure is caused by stress, the Ayurveda Paragon will include the following treatments for relaxation into its treatment-plan:
•   Chakra-Massage
•   Chakra Vasti
•   Shirodara         
•   Thakradhara
•   Shirovasti

Ayurvedic Dietary Suggestions:
•   Avoid meat, eggs and salt
•   Reduce the intake of proteins
•   Reduce coffee-consumption. The caffeine in the coffee increases the body‘s adrenaline production, which is responsible for high blood pressure.  
•   Reduce the use of sodium in your diet.
•   Smokers have a tendency to high blood pressure. Nicotine increases your resting heart rate and the release of adrenaline.  
If possible, change your eating habits and control your weight. If necessary, reduce overweight. A good reason to be slim is to keep your blood pressure on a normal level.  
Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Hypertension
Regular exercise is one of the best ways to prevent high blood pressure. Exercises support your entire organism, burn fat and make you feel light. Avoid mental and physical stress. It is a proven fact that stress results in high blood pressure.  
Cultivate a loving relationship to other human beings. It has been proven that love and affection are able to reduce your blood pressure, while anger, conflicts and stress are known to be the cause of increased blood pressure.  
Laughing is the best medicine. Studies have revealed that laughing can reduce the adrenaline- and cortisone-production of the body. If you are frustrated, unhappy or angry, simply laugh and avoid increased blood-pressure.

Yoga und Breathing Exercises (Pranayama):
In order to remove tension and achieve a deep inner peace, we recommend breathing exercises while lying on your back. Completely concentrate on breathing in and out. If you can concentrate on your breathing for 10 minutes, you will feel your tension relax and your blood pressure normalize.  
Scientific research revealed that regular breathing exercises can regulate your blood pressure.
Source:Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka
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