What is Neurofeedback? Does your child have difficulty focusing? Have you heard of Neurofeedback?

Does your child have difficulty focusing? Learning? ADHD? Have you heard of Neurofeedback? And what is Neurofeedback?
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Sept. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- Does your child have difficulty focusing? Learning? Have you heard of Neurofeedback? And what is Neurofeedback?

   Over the last 20 years educators, parents, social workers have increasingly become aware of attention deficit hyperactive disorder or ADHD as it is commonly referred to. The behaviors of these children were long noted and  observed but only in the last 20 ,30 years has it become better understood. It has been called different names for the last two centuries and even today the term has splintered, but it is classified as a neurobehaviorial disorder, which probably is the most accurate description.

Impulsiveness and a lack of focus are two of the main symptoms of this disorder. Which creates problems learning.

Along with this diagnosis came medications prescribed for it with Ritalin being the most prescribed. Over time, many mental health professionals, educators and parents have come to realize this by itself was not enough for many children with ADHD.

One of the more effective ,and drug free, ways to facilitate focus and to lessen impulsiveness is through neurofeedback. Since this is a neurobehavioral condition this seems to be more on target.

But what is neurofeedback? A quick glimpse into a neurofeedback session. Remember some years ago the Pacman video game? PAC man went around the screen gobbling up everything. What would you say to a program that PAC man moved by brain waves? No controls, PAC man only moves by brainwaves transmitted through electrodes just taped to the head. This has been done and was in use ten years ago.

The subject sat in a comfortable chair, two electrodes were taped to their head, no , no shaved areas or anything like that! Just the hair pulled away and the subject focused on moving PAC man by their thoughts. Great focus, PAC man moves, subject's mind starts to wander PAC man slows. PAC man will continue to slow and even stop if the subject doesn't concentrate. Subject focuses again, PAC man slowly starts to move again until he gets back to full speed.

This was being done over ten years ago. Nuerofeedback has been called different names, bio feedback among others. But doesn't that seem to make sense?  A child has trouble focusing, train them to focus!

 I bring this example up because most people are unaware that video games can be controlled through brain wave activity only but to educate also the basics of how neurofeedback can be easily used to teach, train and improve focus in a child. That and in addition, that it is not some unpleasant experience for people but the opposite. Most people, especially children, like and even look forward to neurofeedback sessions. There are many factors that contribute to why they seem to like it but if you were told that you needed nuerofeedback, after hearing the description above, of a ten year old method, do you think you probably would like it? Dread it? Far from it ,you would probably be interested, curious and looking forward to it. More importantly, if your child is having difficulty does this sound like a reasonable, drug free course to explore for your child?

There are many parents out there looking to improve their child’s life by many different means. Could you possibly teach your child anything more important than the ability to focus? Later in life as adults , many have trouble with relationships, keeping jobs ,many other areas in their life.

While most parents are not physiologists it only stands to reason a child probably needs more than a pill to correct a neurobehaviorial disorder and that while a prescription drug might be a great short term answer the child actually learning to focus is probably the correct long term answer. If your child is having difficulty learning or appears to have trouble focusing, acting impulsive or has been diagnosed with ADHD or any form of it you owe it to your child to look into this cutting edge ,drug free , long term solution to this  neurobehaviorial disorder.

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