Marshall Barnes Pans Paradox Talk Of MIT's Edward Farhi, On Coast To Coast AM, With Own Solution

September 15th, John B. Wells of Coast To Coast AM had MIT physicist Edward Farhi on as a guest to talk about time travel. However, it has prompted Marshall Barnes, R&D to launch a campaign against Farhi's talk of paradoxes in time travel.
J.R. Gott and Marshall Barnes at 2012 Mars Society conference(Copyright 2012)
J.R. Gott and Marshall Barnes at 2012 Mars Society conference(Copyright 2012)
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Sept. 18, 2012 - PRLog -- Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng has announced a campaign against the idea of  paradoxes in  time travel, prompted in part by the guest appearance on Coast To Coast AM of Edward Farhi of MIT during a show hosted by John B. Wells.

"Wells was fawning all over this guy like he was some kind of time travel genius" Marshall stated, "however it became quite clear, quite fast, that he is nothing of the kind. Especially when he kept talking about the problems of time travel due to paradoxes. The fact of the matter is, there is no such thing as a paradox in any real time travel scenario. Anyone saying differently hasn't done anything more than the most shallow and pedestrian analysis of time travel geometries." (see 20:57 on video counter)

Marshall Barnes is arguably the world's leading researcher on the subjects of time and time travel. He's created classroom experiments that show how time functions as a real dimension, that time is connected to any number of dimensions of space and so isn't the "4th dimension" in a physical sense, proved Stephen Hawking was wrong about his wormhole time machine during his Discovery Channel special on two different counts, is a member of the Philosophy of Time Society and he's also in the lead in the race to build a time machine with University of Connecticut physics professor, Ronald Mallett, PhD who's become world famous for a time machine design that he has yet to build . Marshall, on the other hand, has a working prototype that exhibits effects close to the first stage requirement for a time machine and is easily scalable in power to where it could theoretically exhibit "science fiction" conditions.

"The idea of the time travel paradox must be eradicated from the scientific discussion of time travel because it simply doesn't exist and it is easily disproved" Marshall states.

Marshall says it's the fear of temporal problems, caused by paradoxes in popular time travel literature, that could endanger real time travel research.

"You have films, like Time Cop and Looper, that popularize this notion that time travel would have to be criminalized because of what changes could be done to the past. Even Stephen Hawking has added to the paranoia by saying 'history has to be made safe for historians'. It shows Hawking doesn't have the mental dexterity to see the obvious truth - that time travel paradoxes are not a part of real time travel geometries".

The contention that time travel paradoxes aren't real, isn't just an opinion of Marshall's - he has an actual formula he has constructed that proves it beyond any doubt.

"I call it, 'Marshall's Copenhagen/Everett/Barnes Paradox Solution', or Marshall's CEB Paradox Solution for short. It definitively destroys the paradox concept by first imposing the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which Farhi ought to know. That says that there's only one outcome per measurement, so the Titanic sinking is an outcome that has already been recorded. Since there are no laws yet that have forbidden time travel to the past, going to the past to warn the crew of the Titanic would automatically make such a trip a different measurement with a different outcome - not only because you're trying to warn the Titanic crew with knowledge from the future, but the simple act of traveling to the past is a different measurement with a separate outcome. There is no avoiding this fact. The Everett/Wheeler hypothesis allows for  alternate outcomes to exist in parallel universes, so the very act of time travel must involve parallel universes, there's no way around it. The paradox, in and of itself tells you that something's wrong with a solution, otherwise. I'm the first to introduce Copenhagen into the time travel solution as a constraint, which then moves you to the Everett portion which others, such as David Deutch and Fred Alan Wolf, have already applied.

"However," Marshall continued, "The imposition of the 'Barnes' part of the solution is the emphatic kill shot for the time travel paradox, because it points out that there is recorded evidence, in many cases, that show that the outcome is happening in a parallel universe because the recorded evidence is contrary to the time travel outcome and would not change. Anyone arguing otherwise would be required to explain how physical evidence would could be altered, which is fine for sci-fi movies, but would be a more difficult trick in physics than time travel itself.

"For example, if you turn on your video camera before entering a closed time-like curve, which is a warped space-time that returns you to your past, when you arrive and see yourself in the past, this event will not be recorded in your camera originally. In other words, it will be a new event because before you entered the CTC you didn't see yourself. That CTCs deliver you - not to the exact same point in space and time in the past, but to a parallel point in space and time in the past. I don't care who says otherwise because they will not be able to overcome this objection. Marshall's Copenhagen/Everett/Barnes Paradox Solution kills paradox theories with multiple, objections. CTCs, however, are problematic because they have been interpreted multiple ways, which is an issue that I am preparing for Princeton's J.R. Gott to look into - hopefully which will result in a paper."

Marshall met J.R. Gott, and held several discussions with him, at the Mars Society conference in Pasadena, California in August. It was during the conference banquet that a number of other scientists and engineers encouraged Marshall to build and test his Verdrehung Fan(TM), because they believed that it had a chance of working.

Marshall finds it's important to clear up misconceptions about the nature of time and time travel because he wants to see time as understood as space is. He agrees with Ronald Mallett that time travel will become a reality this century and in fact is already preparing business concepts that would take advantage of it, such as time travel excursions for both tourism and historical purposes. The race between he and Mallett, which has resulted so far in the creation of Marshall's Verdrehung Fan(TM), has become a catalyst for Marshall to dust off highly imaginative proposals from the last twenty years which were initially theoretical in nature, and begin to apply them to his future plans in case the Verdrehung Fan(TM) does become a full fledged time machine device. This is simply a repeat of the business plans that he projected when he was tasked to develop prospects for the commercialization of aspects of the 2004 Air Force Teleportation Physics Study in 2005 by an alleged wealthy industrialist. The industrialist was not George Soros, however, although the Soros Foundation did invest money into the research of  Constantin Leshan of Moldova, who has been linked to teleportation research. Marshall has kept the wealthy backer's name secret because of a confidentiality agreement.

One of the most compelling things about Marshall's research is that the Verdrehing Fan(TM) is powered by his STDTS(TM) technology which is the first functioning prototype for warp drive. It is the STDTS(TM) signal that causes the Verdrehung Fan(TM) to move faster than it is powered to do because the STDTS(TM) signal produces a specially synthesized electromagnetic field that contracts space as it moves through space. This contraction is what will enable the Verdrehung Fan(TM) to twist space and time to become a time machine, once the proper power levels are reached. Currently operating with a 50 watt output, the Verdrehung Fan(TM) output can be scaled up in excess of 28,000 watts, making severe effects, that would constitute "science fiction conditions", theoretically possible.

Marshall contends the time for time travel has come, so physicists need to get the facts right.
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