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Author and Inventor Jason Jowett has laid down his Tripod, with Horiscorpio and the Crowd funding options are now open on Indiegogo.
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Sept. 15, 2012 - PRLog -- Horiscorpio's moto is 'Change with Time, and Don't Let Time Change You.' The Innovation developments were tested earlier this year and the results were pleasing. Jason Jowett has stepped up with the design and modifications to produce a even more superior device, and a Innovation for Horiscorpio. His own company, was formed in mid 2011, after committing to Astrological Consultations. As an author, its a complimenting motion for the Practical Applications of the theory, and concepts integral to the Alchemy Book series.
The LIVE zodiac clock is a newly developed tool for the modern world. Essentially Horiscorpio aims to produce a proper Organizational system, one based on a Public system of Astrology. The Developments were made public themselves to this end, and the Integral philosophy of Jason Jowett, formulates the enterprise as a Cause, that termed Evaluations of Christ Nature (for Emancipation).
The Development team is Srishti in Kerala, South India. Jason Jowett has been discussing the terms and conditions of the development with them extensively and a deal is now reached for the Production. The Time Frame setup, for the Production of online services (Horiscorpio) requires new Equity. The Venture, once developed and set in action, will be a fully interactive Web-Utility, with Compatible Devices; Smart Phones, and Specialized Digital Wristwatch Devices. The Online Community will benefit greatly by a system of 'time cycle corresponding groups, and identities'. The Concept of Christ Nature is accessible in the system as Archetypal varieties of Associations, which to the users allow concurrent reasoning, and actions.
The Use of the Phase Clock, Transition Clock, and the Diary Tool will allow the Users to form their very reference scales, with uploaded information, combining as the Archive. Along with back-logged social media news permissions, User Rankings are ascertained and will be public within membership, and likewise Directory access online to the Archetypes themselves. References are available for users freely and in membership along with the good knowing that they are helping to improve things in the world for everyone else to see.
With a developed application, the Alchemy Series will act as a Theoretical Source, to compliment the new Innovations of Horiscorpio the newly forming company of the Alchemy series's Author, Jason Jowett. The Potential for Software as a Direct Application of the methodology and Jason Jowett's Philosophical justification of Christ Nature, in a Practice; exists, and isn't utilized at all, presently, mainstream.
The companies objective, is to consolidate a system, and a integral health orientated practice for individuals. Horiscorpio, the company, aims to produce a independent authority on which people may consult over any matter consequently. A Horiscorpio mainframe is to be built immediately, according to Jason Jowett. It should be constructed by the input of individuals utilizing the Practices with Horiscorpio Apps, or Websites. The difference between qfxwm application of the practice, as envisaged, and the potential of the actual use, are clear and will be too the average person eventually to, as their input creates their experience in a Horiscorpio Interactive Web-Portal. Those who now use primarily the 24hr clock along with the Gregorian Calendar are set to benefit. With all these tools united with a more advanced and actual system of astronomy, a new freedom will emerge for people and along with modern astrology, one more than ever known before in world.

The Practice whilst voluntary will involve keeping a schedule of Aspect Configurations and a personal Diary-Note Taking about Aspects-. Along with the formal resolution of Individuals, over the existing infrastructure, sciences, and their social well-being, in general, ideas and input will contribute to the construction of a Archive of Quality Associations, for which Horiscorpio will firstly seek cooperation with Libraries around the world.

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