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Sept. 13, 2012 - PRLog -- The public benefit documents specified on the web site are immediately given to the people of the world to use for any purpose.  Written about religion, politics and prophecy, they are partially written by anointed prophet Eric S. Meyer and partially by the LORD Jesus Christ, by way of transcription by the Prophet Meyer.  No restrictions on use, publishing or quoting, in whole or part, for any purpose, for the public domain documents.   America is on the decline, both morally and economically. As an once superpower, we are degrading into a nation of
consumers and creators of media propaganda, much of which are lies.
Ancient Rome declined from a lack of morals among its leadership, and America is rapidly accelerating towards the same fate.
With China and Russia seeking expansion, the United States must unite all its creative, administrative and production outputs, to avert
a situation where hungry Americans request the presence of foreign troops. Why might American citizenship beg Russia or China to
invade? Because they need food and shelter.
This dissertation is a book of hope as much as a warning. As leaders of the United States, we must act diligently and wisely or
we will be replaced by the People.
The power of the People is immense. When the massive solar flares climax in December 2012, many average people will
hallucinate and dream the will of God.
His divine intervention will cause the world to become stressed, then one thousand years of peace will be enjoyed by all
earth's inhabitants.
This is the account and story of how paradise became.
Detailing the hidden effects of government policies of the past and present, this text explains what must be done to ease in
God's paradise with minimal stress or injury to peoples of the world, including its leaders. This is a sobering text of resolute action
needed, and of real hope for all humanity. Written specifically for the United States President Barack Obama during his second term
and later presidents, and all governors of the United States, as well as Mitt Romney who is prophesied to lose, but may debate this text
Assumed Reader/Audience
This text is intended for American Leaders to save the United States. Written for the President and all governors of the Union,
to use for any purpose.
A public domain document for the good of humanity, inscribed with truth by Prophet (anointed) Eric Sebastian Meyer.
Reproduce freely without restriction.
Past Design
The welfare system locks its recipients into deeper poverty, by the past laws of Job and Family Services, Section 8 Housing,
Medicaid, Food Stamps and Social Security.
By lock, the system takes assets from the middle class to create a super impoverished class of the poor that hope to remain
eligible for Food-stamps, Medicaid, Social Security, Section 8 Housing and Percentage of Income Plan (PIP) energy assistance. When
a middle class person surrenders their property to accept such poverty in hopes for eligibility of such assistances, they tend to lose their
footing out of poverty, and slip into a permanent destitution and neediness.
When more people join the ranks of the poor beggars, than those rise up from beggars into working, the number of workers
needed to pay taxes for the upkeep of the public assistance group changes in ratio. Precisely, more than half the people receive some
sort of public assistance welfare, those that do work have to put in more hours, work two or more jobs, and pay high taxes to pay for
the welfare based needy.
Section 8 Housing destroys the spirit of responsibility of growing an investment, nurturing the home with repairs, and learning
how choices made ten years ago shaped this day now.
Social Security (Administration) teaches that investing is wasteful and unnecessary. This encourages waste and abuse of
Food Stamps cause recipients to expect to be fed, so they do not seek out work or the charity of the community.
Percentage of Income Plan, an energy help, supports inefficient use of energy, while discouraging solar, wind and low-energy
nuclear reaction power sources. PIP Assistance harms the community, the individual and the nation, from the investors, to the local
bartering of energy, and mis-prioritorizes the United States budget who fund the PIP assistance.
Medicaid harms all people, because medical care is harmful or lethal over time, and is expensive to purchase.
In short, such assistances focus the recipient's loyalty to trying to please government agencies, instead of seeking to integrate
into the community nor strengthen the economic/social bonds of a locality.
On the exterior, the military pollutes, kills and decimates other peoples for profit of the motherland, in the name of national
security, anti-terrorism and our nationalist agenda. For American advancement of imperialism, many domestics will die, yet many
more foreigners will perish.
Page 1 of 9 of Dissertation on Averting America's Downfall, © 2012 public domain by Prophet Eric S. Meyer, 888-669-8255 (voice)
Where Things Are Going
Unless, we, the leaders of the United States act swiftly and decisively, our nation will need more reformations from God.
God has tried grace, of His Bible, yet few have abandoned their wicked ways.
God is using prophets now, to make His changes. Yet, the prophets are abused and judged as delusional.
God will, as His final act, use wars, famine and disease upon the world, should His prophets fail.
By war, God will permit weaponized drones, nuclear war, pandemic infections to spread, to gain compliance.
Within the next generation, people will comply to God's will and comply with the Bible, all three books: The Christian Old
Testament, The New Testament, and The Way. Those who disobey will wither like branches fallen from a great tree, to blow and be
lost in the wind, as they wither and die.
God requires all people to live equally in voluntary peace, with resources flowing around such that the richest person has no
more than four times the wealth of the pauper.
God demands that all earth's military be permanently dismantled, to be replaced by engineering projects for the benefit of all
peoples of this earth at no cost to the poor or workers, except through normal taxation.
God rejects medial care, and judges it as sorcery. However, God loves Healing Temples that use herbs and vegan foods, along
with light and Therapeutic Touch as healing techniques.
God wants large gardens to be planted in all zip codes, in great number, for all people to learn to care for fruit trees, vegetables
and edible flowers and nut trees, to be a focal point for all. Further, the tax dollars that in past years funded wars, will buy many non-
GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism) organic seedlings and seeds, the produce of which shall be free to all citizens and guests
of our nation, even if they are labeled “undocumented workers.”
Instead of drawing a SSI check, a person needs to be able to work meaningful jobs that are safe and enjoyable.
Instead of getting a Food Stamp card loaded each month, a person needs to be able to grow food and take as much harvest as
they desire to their families.
Organic vegan food growers need substantial subsidies as grants and tax-free activity encouragement. Desirable activities
include crop rotations and seventh year rest for the soil.
Instead of receiving Section 8 Housing, a family needs to be assigned a home, given a prepaid, re-loadable card for repairs,
with reimbursements going most plentifully to those families who effectively steward the repair of their home.
Disband all mental health related group homes, nursing homes and mental hospitals. Replace them with comfortable, safe
housing open to anyone, with a low rent.
Any person who wants to own a home will be given a chance, at least once every seven years, until death.
In short, discontinue harmful assistances.
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