World's Only All Natural Osteoporosis Formula With Documented Medical Proof Is Now Available

Linda Deir and Ray Holley announce the immediate availability of "Ray's Bone Formula" - the only proven all natural vitamin and herbal formula that not just stopped, but reversed Linda's bone mineral density (BMD) loss and shocked her doctors.
Ray's Bone Formula - The Only Natural Formula With "DOCUMENTED PROOF" It Works!
Ray's Bone Formula - The Only Natural Formula With "DOCUMENTED PROOF" It Works!
Sept. 19, 2012 - PRLog -- Osteoporosis drugs are a multibillion dollar business and prescribed to millions of people around the world each year to help strengthen their bones. The tragic side-effects of taking these drugs include: fractured thigh bones, dead jaw bone tissue, skeletal and muscular pain, esophageal cancer, kidney and eye problems, heart issues and more.

At age 54, Linda Deir was diagnosed with osteopenia, a health threat that's a precursor to osteoporosis. Her doctor prescribed pharmaceutical drugs for her which she refused to take. At 55 years of age, she broke her arm and wrist in a serious fall ice skating which hospitalized her for several days. When she got home from the hospital she asked her husband, a life-long herbalist and self-taught nutritionist, to put together a formula to help her heal, as her doctor told her she could expect a long recovery process and possibly another operation. Her surgeon was amazed five weeks later when he took an X-ray of her arm and found it to be completely healed. The formula had worked well and quickly.

"Fractures, especially hips, are very serious and only 25% of hip fracture patients make a full recovery and 40% will require nursing home care," said Linda. "Also, 50% will require assistance walking the rest of their lives."  "Sadly, 24% of hip fracture patients over the age of 50, will die within 12 months of their fall because of complications from the injury and/or recovery issues," added Ray Holley, the creator of "Ray's Bone Formula."  

Osteoporosis is not a new disease. Egyptian mummies 4,000 years old have been dug up and were found to have had osteoporosis when they died in their 30's. Although drug ads are targeted primarily to women, men are also candidates for osteoporosis. After age 30, the body starts losing more bone mineral density than it makes and if nothing is done to address the loss, brittle bones are the result. You don't have to be old to have old bones.  

Research has shown there are many things that contribute to bone mineral density loss. If you are over 30 years of age, pre/post menopausal, if you or your family has a history of broken bones, osteoporosis, or dental problems, low hormone levels, or if you are excessively thin or have lost a great amount of weight you are a prime candidate for osteoporosis. It has few outward warning signs or symptoms. One day you just have a fall and break something. It's then you start to feel old. As you age, it's impossible to get enough nutritional support from the food you eat. For example, you cannot eat enough dairy products to get enough calcium. You must have a supplemental regimen that directly addresses bone loss and reverses it.

Linda continues to take "Ray's Bone Formula" and now, at age 60, has more than 5 years of osteoporosis DEXA scan test results that show not only how the formula stopped her bone mineral density (BMD) loss, but has reversed it significantly. Each test showed continuous improvement with the most recent scan showing double-digit improvement. Linda's video reveals the secret of how she not only healed a nasty broken arm and wrist quickly at age 55, but explains how she amazed her doctors by stopping her bone loss and reversing it naturally - without taking any drugs.

"Ray's Bone Formula" is now available to the public for the first time. The formula does not consist of pills or any wonder cure potion costing hundreds of dollars. In "Ray's Bone Formula," Ray outlines the exact recipe of vitamin, mineral, herbal, and other natural ingredients, as well as the strengths, formats, amounts, and dosage schedule that Linda follows to this day. Well-written and explained, "Ray's Bone Formula" reveals the importance of each element in the formula and how they work together for optimum bone health and strength.

"Everyone, especially post-menopausal women, have an important choice to make when it comes to their bone health," added Linda. "You do not have to break a bone or be subjected to the debilitating side-effects of toxic pharmaceuticals pushed on you by actors in white coats posing as doctors on TV." "Ray's Bone Formula" provides the necessary information people need in order to stop bone density loss and maintain healthy bones. This solid formula backed by solid proof, will help you live a strong, healthy, and more active lifestyle naturally. Now available worldwide for the first time.  

See the documented medical proof for yourself:
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