The Sound of "Hope And Change" Released As Music Single By Xeno Giraffe

Instrumental acoustic guitar music single "HOPE AND CHANGE" released for world wide digital distribution by Xeno Giraffe to promote the cause for social and economic equity for musicians, and the wider working community.
By: American Pangea
Sept. 8, 2012 - PRLog -- Who owns hope and change?

"Xeno Giraffe" is in transition, using the "Hope And Change" song to guide the way as an instrumental acoustic guitar single  -  released through the Indie Music Distribution portal, while simultaneously releasing, as a single for world wide digital distribution  - "Fractal Pterodactyls" -  known to have one of the most unique song structures in the world, and based on fractal sound manipulation, with both shifting pitch and tempo throughout.

Change and complexity have been a running theme underlying the artwork and music of "Xeno Giraffe".  Having maintained the moniker of "Xeno Giraffe" for over 35 years in the underground and indie music scenes,  Xeno Giraffe will be releasing music under a new name -- "Strangecraft".  "Xeno Giraffe" is NOT going away.  A new direction in music storytelling, using modern studio techniques, golden age radio drama, and b-movie science fiction plots, required an artist re-naming to make the music direction more acceptable, and understandable,  to a broader audience of listeners.  These musical concepts were promoted during the "2012 Summer Of Xeno Giraffe" music release campaign as -- THE REVENGE OF PROG ROCK!

The history of "Xeno Giraffe" started as a multi-media art exhibit at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston as a end of the year exam for Jeffrey Scott Thompson, a transplant from Tennessee, who had had a previous career as a radio DJ and News Director before moving, in the year of 1982.  

Electronic ambient qualities coming from speakers that were in the mouths of heads made to look like punk and new wave musicians, all surrounding an alien looking raw clay terrain -- the beginning of "Xeno Giraffe" was one human, 4 ceramic talking heads, and a pile of clay.  The multi-media aspect was dropped after the exhibition, but the music remained.

A change in musical direction occurred again, as the artist, who, at that time, was working at the MIT AI Lab, and attending the Art School, had a thought, when a passing conversation about algorithms, fractals, and music occurred with a professor -- sparking notebooks of research on the subject of what "good" generated computer music might sound like.

Years of trial and error in developing ways to produce music on computer led to a number of albums for commercial release under the moniker of  "21st World", as well as "Xeno Giraffe".

A remastered version of this early experimental group of albums was released in 2003 on CD and, then, discontinued in 2008.

A RE- REMASTERED version has been released over 2012, and into 2013.  "COMFORT RIDE", "STARLIGHT", "REJAZZ", "MIDNIGHT",  "21ST WORLD FUTURE MUSIC", and a follow-up exploration with synthesizer, and electronic pop music sounds on the album  "IN 3D" by Xeno Giraffe are being released for digital download  --  with the hope of both CD and VINYL becoming available for the first time in late 2013.  They are being released currently under "Xeno Giraffe & 21st World Future Music" moniker.

Newer interests in the rock, jazz, folk, urban, and classical musical formats used in the process of storytelling - in the music - developed recently.  Two concept albums -- "DINOSAUR UFOS:  EPISODE ONE 'Wolfmen From Outer Space'", released in 2011,  is a 2 CD electronic progressive rock epic that musically tells the story of a significant event on a planet called Gron Xur, that was being observed by a passing alien scout ship of dinosaurs -- created a significant new direction in sound for "Xeno Giraffe."  Science and Science Fiction Concepts have been the main themes in the new progression of works developed under "Xeno Giraffe."

"EONS AGO" came out in 2012 as a 3 CD sci-fi concept album under the "Xeno Giraffe" moniker, and the American Pangea indie label.  Thematically -- it is a prequel story to "Dinosaur UFOs".  It involves the story of a FICTIONAL, first-person experience with an extraterrestrial light beam -- that hits Xeno Giraffe in the head, revealing a secret about the Universe and that an unknown force was following the information through the Universe.  A musical tribute to the discovery of the Higgs-Boson called  --- "God Particle" -- is a radio single from the album.

In this transition of hope and change, "Strangecraft" will be releasing a new album shortly -- called "Astronaut Monkey"  that is designed to elevate the sci-fi rock concept art form developed under "Xeno Giraffe" to another level of acceptance by a larger audience. No date is currently set for release to the public.

"HOPE AND CHANGE" is being used for a larger cause than a paycheck - the money from song sales and Xeno Giraffe Music SWAG profits go to developing greater equity in society with movement toward creating social corporations, or equity guilds, that would have the best interest of the individual worker, or musician, as the central focus, instead of the current focus on profits for investors on Wall Street( as an example ). The purpose is not to replace business, but to add a new feature to society that some may find more rewarding than has been the case in the Great Recession with sluggish hiring at often low wages.  This is especially true for many musicians and performers today.

Changing corporate culture toward a humane use of the individuals time, energy, and intelligence in a complex and changing world has not always worked as planned.  Some experimentation with group funding and internet sourcing, along with new ideas on equity sharing, work culture, and business-life continuity in a changing world are required.  The artistic community is primed to take a lead in shaping the future.

Forming viable new business structures for music, movies, and other eco-friendly enterprises is the fundamental goal of this project.  With the release of "Hope And Change", and support of fans and patriots --  this goal can be accomplished.

This song helps provide the funds to set up the structure, and lights the way to this gentler kind of  future.  You can help fund a social revolution for the formation of a new business structure for the 21st century, using the music business as the starting place, and as the crucible for social experimentation.  

Help start the 21ST WORLD FOUNDATION.

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"Hope And Change" Song is rolling out today and over the next few months, and will be downloadable at more locations:  24-7, AmazonMP3, Deezer, Google Music Store, iHeartRadio, MediaNet, Myxer, Rhapsody, Spotify, Zune, 7 digital, Apple iTunes, Emusic, GreatIndieMusic,, MySpaceMUSIC, Nokia, Rdio, Simfy, and Tradebit.

Trivia:  The song "Hope And Change" was submitted for digital release to CDBaby during President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte September 6, 2012.

A video for the song HOPE AND CHANGE is in development.
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