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What makes a good urban chicken coop? Raising chickens in urban settings is making a comeback, find out why.
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Sept. 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Best Urban Chicken Coops

There was a time in America where if people had anything of a backyard very often chickens would be found in it.

Chickens used to be raised by most Americans. Raising chickens was just part of daily American life. Chickens were long used as a source of meat, feathers and of course eggs. Many supplemented their incomes by selling eggs, chicks and chickens for the dinner table.

Chickens were kept in a coop and this coop was closed up at night. During the day the chickens were let out. This served several purposes .The chickens got more than just fresh air and exercise.

In most backyards there was also a garden. And in any garden there are bugs that feed off plants. Chickens were let loose in the garden and ate the bugs, keeping the garden pest free and the chickens fed. Most of us have heard of chickens scratching. The chicken will constantly be looking for something to eat. Chickens will eat mosquitoes, ticks, slugs and snails! A large part of the reason America is constantly slathering its gardens with pesticides is because this was the chickens role in the gardens. Without natural predators the bugs and creepy crawly things run rampant. The backyard chicken had a vital role that was more than just supplying eggs and meat.

Many things run in cycles. Raising chickens in an urban environment is making a comeback. Any municipality that allows chickens or lifts a ban on raising chickens will immediately find city dwellers raising chickens. For all the same reasons that Americans used to keep chickens.

Which brings us to what makes a good chicken coop.

There are manufacturers of small chicken coops suitable for urban chicken raising. Take care in selecting a chicken coop as there are many variables, more than most would think.

I think the best urban chicken coop is the "Precision Pet Urban Modular Chicken Coop."

This coop is a modular design allowing different configurations. It allows the owner to design it the way that they want to depending on their needs. There are several pictures of it here, in different configurations for you to see. It is a very clever design.

There is a screened section allowing the chickens fresh air. Or what is called "a chicken run" As you can see this can be configured with the screened section beside the coop or with the coop above the screen section. The walkway allows the chickens to go up and down on the configuration with the up or down configuration.

This configuration is good for wet rainy weather. Keeps the coop high and dry. The coop comes with asphalt shingles, a proper roof to keep the birds dry. The added height does allow for extra protection from local predators.

The module also allows for a standard coop without any screened section. This configuration is used to allow your urban chickens free run of your yard. Something they will enjoy and you will also.

Many people keep chickens as pets. People that have never been around chickens do not really realize that chickens have personalities. Very distinct and  varied personalities.

If you have never raised chickens and have never really seen chickens out walking around ,especially in the sunlight, you might not know their feathers truly are beautiful glistening in the sun. But if you have decided to enrich your life by raising a few urban chickens before you decide what to keep them in have a look at the

"Precision Pet Urban Modular Chicken Coop" , the best urban chicken coop.

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