Paranormal Expert Demystifies Ghosts and Psychics in New Book for Halloween 2012!

Internationally acclaimed psychic, Jack Rourke, author of The Rational Psychic™, A Skeptic's Guide to Extraordinary Perception, explains ghosts, devils, why some people are paranormally sensitive, and how psychic ability really works!
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BK02580_Rational Psychic_Frontlist
BK02580_Rational Psychic_Frontlist
Sept. 4, 2012 - PRLog -- No subject is off limits to Jack Rourke. In his illuminating new book, he details confronting life's many mysteries including supposed poltergeists, ghosts and devils. What's shocking is how Jack explains such things, things that would frighten most people, without using spiritual metaphors.

Any person interested in psychic or paranormal phenomena will want to read The Rational Psychic™. Using real-world experiences to illustrate his psychic thesis, readers follow the author on a near thirty year quest to explain the seemingly supernatural.

The book begins with a touching story about a unique near death event Jack experienced the moment his twin sister died. This heartwarming childhood tale is not meant to qualify Jack as a psychic. Instead, the author uses this story to teach readers that emotionally profound personal events are not a reason to avoid rational investigation of one's personal paranormal experiences.  

Throughout the Rational Psychic™ Jack challenges everything commonly accepted about psychic and paranormal phenomena while weaving a compelling argument for the reality of extrasensory perception using logic and science. Look at what two leading experts have to say about The Rational Psychic™:

"The Rational Psychic is an educational, scientific, and fascinating new look into the world of psychic phenomenon! A must read for everyone in all walks of life!" -John Holland, Star of Biography channels' unXplained & author of Born Knowing  

"The Rational Psychic is comprehensive, provocative, and up-to-date, quite simply the best available introduction to psychic phenomena."
-Andrew Nichols, Ph.D.
Director of the American Institute of Parapsychology & Author Of Ghost Detective

This Halloween, no article about ghosts, ghouls or psychics would be complete without The Rational Psychic™. In its pages you will find true stories about real people afflicted by alleged paranormal forces!

Using The Rational Psychic, your news story could discuss:

• What it's like working with a person who claims they are possessed
• How to know if your house is haunted?
• How to Ghost proof your house
• How to find a good psychic
• How to get a good psychic reading
• The secret dangers of psychic development
• How to tell if you have psychic potential
• What does it mean if a deceased loved one visits you

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