Ontario Humane Society facing an increasing amount of extortion allegations

The Ontario Humane Society has recently displayed its power by seizing 1000's of chickens, but did it go too far and beyond the scope of their authority? The livelihoods of innocent people claim fowl.
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Sept. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- The Ontario Humane Society has recently displayed its power by seizing 1000's of chickens, but did it go too far and beyond the scope of their authority? The livelihoods of innocent people claim fowl.

(IJR NEWS Sept 1, 2012) After IJR NEWS reported on initial information regarding cockfighting in Ontario, CA on August 13, 2012, readers were left with a vague but disturbing picture of a massive cockfighting organization. IJR NEWS investigators looked to get some more answers from all of the tenants who raised chickens at the arrest location. These possible victims Visit http://www.scceo.org for info all claimed to raise their chickens for numerous reasons including organic eggs, food, and for showing but never for fighting. Despite this, they all lost their chickens via the power of the Ontario Humane Society.

IJR New's Visit IJR NEWS for details initial investigation pointed to anything but organized, contrary to the police reports by the Humane Society that have been released. As responses surfaced from tenants, all confirmed responders claimed not to even know most of the other tenants whom there chickens shared common area with. Most tenants were left confused on why the Humane Society took their chickens. In addition, numerous claims of The Humane Society's tactics have surfaced that all point to possible extortion, abuse of power, and forcing decisions under color of authority. According to direct testimonials from many of the victims who are part of the Visit [url=http://www.SCCEO.org][/url] Southern California Chicken Enthusiast Organization (SCCEO) for more info, that is exactly what is happening.

A tenant named Bob told our staff, it can be compared to if a tenant (store) in a common shopping mall gets raided for selling protected furs, does the whole mall close?  Does the sheriff seize all the assets of all the tenants (stores) in the mall and prohibit them from going to their stores?  What if one of the stores was a florist or pet store? Bob said, "I raise Sega palms (and sell them for $100 per foot) on the property I rent as well, that is how I feed my children. The humane society is directly interfering with my livelihood based on another tenants actions that has nothing to do with me? I have a hundred chickens, the Ontario Humane Society told us that if we try to get our chickens we will be arrested, and if we claim them they will charge us $10 a day, per chicken for 14 days.  I am a blue collar professional but I cannot afford that kind of money when it only costs me about 25 cents a day per chicken."

IJR NEWS investigator Slater Banks visited the City of Ontario and spoke to one of the SCCEO reps and victims, Gary Lee Omotoy who said, "I have been raising chickens for over 50 years, and I have never once been questioned for illegal play.  Chickens are for teaching our children, eating for survivol, showing in shows, and in some cases prospering from the sales of the organic eggs. I use chickens to teach kids about responsibility, not to fight, sometimes even my chickens will fight, most chickens do.   However, putting blades on them and fighting to death is beyond ludicrous.  I simply rent a space to raise my chickens, I don't even know the people that got arrested, nor care.  We are being targeted as a means for the Humane Society to receive erroneous fees for tending to our seized chickens while they investigate one person, I have 300 chickens, that is $3000.00 a day, how is that justice?"

IJR News staff does not endorse any kind of cruelty to animals, and the editor in chief would never contribute to the cause in any way. We publish factual findings to the best of our ability, and are always open to corrections or rebuttal.  We have discovered during the investigation that there are a lot of questions that should be answered involving tenant rights and those should be addressed in a expedited fashion that is reasonable to the tenants that have been practicing raising chickens for generations.  The time lapse that can kill good crop of the tenants is becoming significant and should be entertained.

It should be noted that the chicken raisers we spoke to confirmed attendance and even provided ribbons they won at recent "chicken shows," including the San Diego State Fair, the OC State Fair, and the Pomona State Fair to name a few. Other tenants claimed that raising these chickens has been a response to the increased demand of organic foods.  The SCCEO are looking to continue and work with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) https://www.ffa.org/ and assisting in many of the school projects involved.

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Slater Banks Ph. D. Public Admin
IJR NEWS Contractual Lead Investigator for Organizational Actions
Senior Journalist - UK Consumer Affairs Journal
Government and Police procedural author

For more information regarding chicken raising or the rights that should be expected, visit www.SCCEO.org or http://www.yourhumanesociety.org/

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