Dr. Thomas Lodi: The Matrix and Cancer Prevention

How do we stop making cancer? It easily understood but it is a little more difficult to actually do because stop-making cancer involves changing our lifestyles radically.
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Sept. 4, 2012 - PRLog -- All biological entities are designed to regenerate, rejuvenate and procreate.  So, when one picks an apple from a tree, they will find that two more have grown in its’ place next season.  And when one weeds the garden, they soon find out that not only have the same weeds returned, but there are new ones sprouting up all over.  And, if I cut my finger, it heals. That is, my finger is restored to its’ original condition without a break in the skin.  

This is the nature of nature and is as sure to occur, as it is that water will run down hill.  If one were to build a dam to prevent the water from running downhill, the water will attempt to go around the dam so it must be constructed so as to prevent any water from leaking through and around it.  But, as soon as the dam is removed or is partially taken down, the water begins to flow and will build momentum until it is flowing at full speed.

It is this same force and intent of nature that makes up the very fabric of all living things enabling them to grow, repair and produce offspring. This state of maintaining balance and integrity of form and function is a fundamental quality of all biological systems and is referred to by biologists as ‘homeostasis’.  Maintaining homeostasis is the most essential and primary function of an organism since propagation requires an adequately functioning system.  

In order to understand the mechanisms of homeostasis, which results in continual repair and production of new cells, it is helpful to think of the cells of the body as tiny fish crowded into an aquarium.  The fluid (aquarium) in which cells live is called the extracellular matrix or interstitial fluid and it is where cells are born, live and die.  

Cells derive all of their nutrients and expel all of their wastes into this fluid or matrix.  All of the input into this matrix comes from the arterial system, that is, the system of blood vessels that exit the heart and are, therefore rich with oxygen.  Having circulated through the liver, this blood also contains substances that had been ingested and digested, some of which are nutrients and unfortunately, much of it is toxins. Toxins can very generally be defined as substances, which cannot be used by the body and must be eliminated or they will interfere with metabolism and result in impaired functioning or death of the organism.  Some toxins may require years to produce impairment, such as cigarette smoke or non-human food (typical Western diet) while other toxins can result in demise of the organism rather quickly.  For example, the Black Mamba snake has a mortality rate in humans of 100% within 15 minutes to 3 hours if no anti-venom is administered.

The matrix is drained by the venous system (veins), which returns the blood to the heart-lung complex in order to expel the carbon dioxide (cellular waste) into the lungs to be exhaled while receiving a new load of oxygen for delivery to the matrix.   The other system that drains the matrix is the intricate system of lymphatic vessels.  These vessels take a sampling of the materials in the matrix back to the lymph nodes where the fluid is evaluated for its’ potential danger to the organism.  If toxic or infected or abnormal (cancer), the immune system develops a very intricate and comprehensive protective response and communicates this to the rest of the body chemically by secreting what are called cytokines and interleukins.

Clearly, as long as this crystalline-colloidal fluid that constitutes the matrix is clean and contains all the raw materials necessary for the cells to assemble and produce new, vibrant functioning cells, there exists a state of optimal functioning of the organism, known as ‘health’.  

This optimal level of functioning requires that the substances ingested by the organism and absorbed into the blood .  This is true because these substances are in direct violation of the natural laws that direct the functioning of the lion and the cow and they are designed hence not equipped to digest and assimilate these materials into their structure and function.  

Also required for optimal functioning is a continuous flow of wastes and ingested toxins out of the body through its’ detoxification and drainage systems.  With regards to the matrix, there must be a rapid flow of cellular waste products and unusable ingested substances (toxins) out through the veins and lymphatic systems.  Both of these drainage systems are powered through muscular activity and therefore require consistent physical activity to insure adequate removal of any and all accumulated wastes. These wastes range from metabolic by-products to ingested substances to toxins absorbed through the skin or breathed in through the lungs as well as those accumulated as a consequence of inadequate disposal of previous waste (e.g., constipation, inactivity).  

The radiation and electromagnetic smog that we now live in adds, yet another dimension to the toxic sea in which we swim and results in both DNA mutations as well as disruptions of coherent electromagnetic functioning of our cells and organs including the immune system, central nervous system, and endocrine (hormone) system.  

Ionizing radiation directly disrupts cell membranes through free radical production and drives a hole straight into the nucleus where the DNA is damaged and straight into the mitochondria where the ability to engage in aerobic respiration is damaged.  The non-ionizing electromagnetic frequencies have their effect by disrupting electromagnetic coherence, which disallows the unified functioning of organs or organ systems.  These non-physical “toxins” can not be disposed of through the basic disposal systems of the body hence their effects propagate and are additive.  

The only way to neutralize ionizing radiation is with anti-oxidants and the only way to neutralize electro-magnetic frequencies is through living in harmony with the earth by living in accordance with our natures so that we can partake of and continue our exposure to the gentle magnetic field of the earth by sleeping with the setting of the sun and awaking with rising of the sun.  Also, of critical importance is to stay in the stream of light, which emanates from the sun by ingesting foods that are not altered by fire or radiation or microwaves or chemicals so that they still contain the light from the sun, which enlivens them.  Food is just a vehicle for light and it is light that sustains all physical phenomena.

As is now understood, the body is always engaged in homeostatic activities and when this is understood with certainty, it becomes clear that what we call ‘cancer’ is the body’s extraordinary attempt to save our lives.  What actually happens is that the cells’ mitochondria, where glucose and oxygen are brought together to produce energy for the cells’ metabolic needs, are destroyed by a continuous toxic insult and the cell, rather than die, enters into a default mode of energy production known as fermentation or glycolysis.  

So, a breast might turn black (necrotic) and literally fall off and the same would happen with parts of the colon or prostate or pancreas or wherever “cancer” might form.  Necrotic cells are food for microorganisms. These conditions then result in an environment, which produces serious infection, which soon enters the blood, producing sepsis, or blood poisoning.  If the sepsis is severe enough, death is certain.  What we are calling ‘cancer’ then, is the body’s last and heroic effort to save us from sure death.

How do we stop making cancer?  It easily understood but it is a little more difficult to actually do because stop-making cancer involves changing our lifestyles radically. For some, this is easily done while for others it is the most difficult thing they have ever done.  But when “cancer” knocks at your door, you soon realize that it is, actually God’s divine tap on your shoulder suggesting that you change the path you are on.  It is an offer most of us can’t refuse.

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