Dr. Udo Erasmus: World Renowned Authority On Fats, Oils & Human Vigor: How To Be In Optimal Health

Udo Receives Accolades, Including The 'Hall Of Fame' Award. Udo's Best-Selling Book “Fats That Heal Fats That Kill,” Is A Famous Reference Guide. Udo Tours & is on TV: We Can Live Fulfilling, Healthy Lives; Udo's Legacy Helps Point The Way.
Udo Erasmus
Udo Erasmus
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Aug. 27, 2012 - PRLog -- It took a bout with poison for the "Father of Flax Oil" to start down the path that would lead to a lasting legacy. Udo Erasmus is a well-known authority in the world of health. He is a passionate writer, scientist, lecturer, and a powerful voice among nutritionists and natural healers around the world.

Udo Erasmus was born in Poland in 1942, but immigrated with his family to Canada after the Second World War. The Canadian wilderness inspired Udo to study the natural sciences, leading to a BSc in Honors Zoology from the University of British Columbia, as well as graduate studies in Biochemistry and Genetics, and a PhD in Nutrition. Udo has a passion for life of all kinds and was committed to making a difference by using his considerable skill in science to advance the cause of human knowledge.

Udo's journey toward becoming an internationally-renowned authority on fats, oils and human health began when he was accidentally poisoned while working with pesticides. After conventional medicine proved ineffective, Udo turned to research in nutrition for answers. From the works of Dr. David Horrobin and Dr. Johanna Budwig and many others, he gleaned all he could about essential fatty acids. What he discovered changed the face of health forever and he took it upon himself to go one step further.

In 1986, Erasmus wrote the groundbreaking work "Fats and Oils" that essential fatty acids needed to be unrefined and free from chemicals and additives in order to serve the human body. He outlined the value of essential fatty acids, and in 1994, Udo introduced specially formulated oils that provide the body with a blend of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. Using organically grown seeds from flax and other plants, Udo developed processes that didn't strip these fatty acids of their natural value to health. Udo's Oil has a host of benefits, including better mental clarity, stamina, motor coordination, immune system function, and much more.

Udo has now received many awards for his work, including the 'Hall of Fame' Award from the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). Health professionals and the general public use Udo's best-selling book, Fats that Heal Fats that Kill, as a key reference guide today. Udo's other books, Choosing the Right Fats and Omega 3 Cuisine, also remain popular sources of healthy oil diet wisdom.

Udo tours frequently, promoting his findings on major television shows and in other venues. He continues to lecture across the country and abroad and publishes books detailing the science behind fatty acids. To learn more go to: www.3ls.ca

Dr. Erasmus created One Line which features natural products made with health in mind. It is part of a comprehensive program for supporting physical health based on knowledge of human nature. Only from the knowledge of human nature can we create a coherent, comprehensive, organized, consumer-friendly, teachable field of health.

Udo teaches that human nature and its contexts affect, determine, and define health. Health has six definitions: life, body, mind, culture, nature, and mood.  Physical health requires 3 physical building blocks: air, water, and food.  The best foods for life are fresh, whole, raw, and organic. Foods should include greens, good fats, and proteins; all of which provide essential nutrients and digestive tract support.

Carbohydrates are our least important foods, because there are no essential carbohydrates. Carbohydrates easily can cause: insulin spikes, blood sugar swings, mood swings, cravings, overeating, increased fat production, reduced fat burning, overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, immune system inhibition, increased cancer growth, and heightened risk of infections, inflammation, water retention, impaired circulation, and premature death.

For optimum health, foods must provide optimum amounts of essential nutrients, specifically: 2 essential fatty acids; 8-11 essential amino acids; 14 essential vitamins; and 20 essential minerals.

Fresh, whole, and raw foods also provide digestion support. Enzymes improve digestion and help our digestive and immune systems. Good bacteria (probiotics) protect our digestive system from damage and unfriendly bacteria. Yeasts and fungus, and soluble and insoluble fiber improve intestinal movement (peristalsis) and bowel regularity, stabilize blood sugar, provide food for good bacteria, and remove toxins from the body.

Foods must further provide fuel (something to burn for energy), antioxidants (free radical damage protection and anti-aging, life-extending), and adaptogens (balance body biochemistry).

In addition to optimizing our intake of the physical building blocks that come from air, water, and food, physical health also requires us to avoid poisons. While poisons occur in nature (bacteria, plants, insects, spiders, toads, snakes), the vast majority of poisons today include:  pesticides, plastics, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, food additives, food molecules damaged by industrial processing, and food molecules damaged during food preparation.  That is one reason for eating lower on the food chain (more vegetables and less animals).
Udo's Oil

(What?) To be healthy, the body needs two necessary nutrients: omega-3 and omega-6, in the right proportions. We get plenty of omega-6; unfortunately we often get it damaged instead undamaged. Most people do not get enough Omega-3. We do not get enough of in our daily diet and we need to take more of this essential nutrient. At Flora Health, they combined both omegas in an oil blend that has all the good oils we need daily.

(How?) Amazing results come from mixing the Oil Blend, about one tablespoon per 50 pounds (25kg) of body weight per day, in the foods you eat over the course of the day.

(Why?) It provides the best fuel for every cell, tissue, gland, organ, and system in your body. It will also turn on fat burning for better shape, make skin smooth and beautiful, reduce cravings and improve mood. The benefits are extensive and too many to name. Udo's Oil Blend gives essential omegas in the right balance—the blend contains all natural undamaged ingredients. It's made under protection from damaging light, oxygen, and heat. Udo's Choice product line is packaged in the famous amber glass bottles, to ensure the product stays fresh and does not leach from plastic bottles.

Other popular products by Udo are: Udo's Probiotics, Udo's Enzymes, Udo's QH Plus, Udo's Choice Beyond Greens, Udo's Choice Fast Food Blend, Phytonutrients, Bija Bars and Pet Essentials.  Dr. Udo Erasmus says that “personal growth involves taking risks,”  he shares, “My work is an attempt to express the gratitude I feel for what I have been given.”

To learn more, listen to Debbi Dachinger as she interviews Dr. Udo Erasmus on Dare to Dream radio, on live radio or on podcast at: http://www.deborahdachinger.com/interview-archives. Debbi Dachinger’s Dare to Dream radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program, featured in news sources around the world. Dachinger is the bestselling author of the book Dare to Dream: This Life Counts.
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