Sophisticated Earth magnetic field sensing system due to be installed in New Zealand soon

The scope of the GCMS includes the establishment of a worldwide network of sensing stations for determining to what extent the earth’s magnetic field is affected by and can predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions & other planetary energetic events
Schumann Resonances
Schumann Resonances
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Aug. 23, 2012 - PRLog -- Updated from previous release:

A sophisticated Earth magnetic field sensing system, the ‘Global Coherence Monitoring System’ (GCMS) is due to be installed in New Zealand soon.

People worldwide are witnessing dramatic climate change and increasing natural disasters; along with this, the emotional climate is changing as fears and concerns about our future increase. The Global Coherence Initiative project is raising awareness about our global emotion-based climate - and explaining how we as individuals affect a collective field-environment.  

The GCMS is part of the ‘Global Coherence Initiative’ (GCI), a science-based project initiated by the Institute of HeartMath (IHM), a non-profit organization recognized as a global leader in researching emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions and the physiology of optimal health and performance. The GCI is designed to help individuals and groups work together synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change.

For the past 20 years HeartMath has centred much of their research into the effects of stress and negativity within the human body, and have found that training people into optimal ‘heart coherence’ can significantly reduce stress and illness. Now they are taken their findings to a global environmental level, having discovered that stress and negative emotions not only affect personal health, but also radiate outwards from the heart like radio waves which are detected by the nervous systems of others in the environment.

The GCI has been described by best-selling author Jack Canfield, also the  founder of the Transformational Leadership Council, as “perhaps the greatest experiment in the history of the world”. A network of sensitive magnetic field detectors are being strategically placed around the world to test the hypothesis that the earth is affected by mass human emotion. The equipment will measure fluctuations in the earth’s geomagnetic fields and resonances in the ionosphere.

14 sensor sites will be strategically place around the world: four are already in place in California, Saudi Arabia, Canada and England with three more funded and soon to be functioning in New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa. The sensors are funded entirely by donations. The donator of the New Zealand sensor has asked to remain anonymous.

According to HeartMath “stressful events all over the world are repeatedly broadcast globally via television and the internet, creating and amplifying stress waves. When our nervous systems detect these stress waves, it can create a background feeling of unease. When we don’t know how to manage the unease, our mental, emotional and physical systems can become overloaded and drained. Unresolved stress accumulates and depletes people’s systems and creates incoherence in people’s personal lives, workplaces, families, and in society... this system will enable a new level of scientific inquiry into the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviours and planetary changes”.

The scope of the GCMS includes the establishment of a worldwide network of sensing stations for determining to what extent the earth’s magnetic field is affected by and can predict earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other planetary energetic events. The monitoring system will also examine the energetic resonance between the earth’s magnetic field and the rhythms of the human heart and brain. It will explore whether the magnetic field is influenced by collective human emotional resonance resulting from major events and whether the emotional energy generated by coherently aligned collective intention  is measurable in the earths energetic fields.

Interestingly, of all the human bodily systems studied thus far, changes in geomagnetic conditions most strongly affect our heart rhythms. Researchers have also found evidence that in some cases people’s brain waves appear to synchronize with the rhythm of the electromagnetic waves generated in the earth’s ionosphere. It could be that when people “feel” an impending earthquake or other planetary events such as weather change, they may be reacting partly to physical signals in the earth’s field before these events.

In HeartMath’s words “The scientific community is only beginning to appreciate how energy fields generated by human, animal and plant systems interact with one another. We know the earth and the ionosphere generate a symphony of frequencies ranging from 0.01 to 300 hertz. Significantly, some of the largest of these resonances are in the same frequency range as those of the human heart and brain. Researchers have barely scratched the surface of what can be done once the GCMS is completed, but a number of important findings related to humans and the magnetic fields already have emerged”.

Global Coherence Steering Committee member Howard Martin will be a keynote speaker on the upcoming global online ‘Emotional Intelligence Summit’ ( starting 3 September. The event has been organized by New Zealander Kim Knight, a finalist for innovation and contribution in the arena of health and science in the NZ Woman of the Year awards last year.

Martin will share stories of the effects of mass human emotion on the earth and how by bringing our heart into 'coherence' we may be able to bring massive positive change to the earth, perhaps safeguarding the future of the planet, and how the GCI aims to facilitate a shift in global consciousness “from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace”.

The summit will feature 27 world experts in the development and use of emotional intelligence for better health, wellbeing and success on both a personal and planetary level. 12 of the presenters alone are specialists in the emotional causation of disease.

The Online Summit will run for two weeks from September 3 to 18, with a mix of live and pre-recorded online teleseminars which listeners can tune in to from anywhere in the world via the internet or phone.

The event has been made accessible to all via free listening options, although the goal of the premium (paid) option is to raise USD $10,000 for the charitable Global Coherence Initiative.

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