Professional Resume Writer Reveals '' Why You didn't Get the Job " !

Professional Resume Writer , "When I write a cover letter and resume, BEFORE the HR person has even looked at the resume they have decided to interview the applicant! . They will almost always hire this person " !
By: Resume Writer
Aug. 16, 2012 - PRLog -- Today more than ever getting a job is difficult. One of my favorite'' why I didn't get the job'' line was uttered by that sage of sages, Homer Simpson. "Aw they wanted somebody good!!"

Don't cha just hate it?

But OK you can get a job , no matter what your competition is. The world is filled with advice on resume writing. Along with the resume writers explanations why they are so wonderful but when you get your resume from them there is nothing really BRILLIANT about it. Now I mean brilliant like an American uses brilliant. Not the way our dear British friends use it, everyday ,ten times a day. They find a close parking space '' brilliant'' ! Now far from making fun of the British, if you thought that you simply misread my intentions only that when an American says brilliant ,he really means it! Besides Brits call 'em ''CVs'', like much of the rest of the world does too.

But each touts how they have some way to get your resume noticed. Some of them quite wacky really. Large type, colored paper, fancy folder. Come on people ! People that read resumes before they sit down to amuse themselves with the latest batch of pleas from their fellow man, they turn their BS detector on high and extra sensitive. These people have seen ever BS scammer ,con artist, slick meister wanna be .They see them all the time.

On the top of my list is the '' college wasn't really a challenge for me'' . I don't know who thought this would be a winning item on a resume but its not. I am not even going to go into why its bad. If a resume writer tells you he wants to include this you are going to need to get another resume from someone else.

Some think '' oh I know how to fill in the gaps of your resume''. Yawn, mere child’s play. Any resume writer who has written more than four resumes has figured that out. That is really simple. I can always turn that empty time into a plus!

So what is it then? I know, you're thinking, you think you know so much tell us!!!

Alright , I'm not going to give you my trade secrets but I'll give you a hint.

When I write a resume, BEFORE they even start to read the resume, they have already decided to put this one on the top of the pile. I can't say every one, but D near it.

OK now I'm going to whisper this to you, only if you promise not to go blabbing this to everyone. '' It's in the cover letter''. Yup. The most over looked part of the resume. Not only that, many do not even include a cover letter! For others it is just a repeat of boring data from the resume! I'm like '' ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND " ?

Most resume writers do not even include a cover letter. Or if they do it is''extra''.

The cover letter is the first thing the interviewer sees. Like any good story, movie, book the beginning should grab the readers interest. If it doesn't the resume goes into the pile with the others. This is where you have a chance to be noticed.

This is where a good resume writer does their magic. Most just keep filling this with the same boring ,repetitive data from the resume.

That is NOT what should be there. This is where you give a real glimpse into who you are and WHY they should hire you instead of the other applicant!

Now I'm not talking some heavy BS here, stay away from that. Like they say ''keep it real''.

A good sales pitch (and that is what this is in a mild form) is not filled with phony promises, remember their BS detector is set on high, but believable promises to deliver what a buyer is looking for. On a cover letter we don't write promises but instead write things that maybe you have to offer that other applicants do not.

And not those stupid lines like "My biggest fault is that I just work too hard" or  "I make my job my life".

The cover letter should be written in the way of leads, that draw the reader in, like many types of writing.

Just realizing that this is the real make or break section of your presentation for employment will increase your chances of being hired.

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