Curing Autism Soon a Reality Part 2

The number of children diagnosed with some form of autism grows every year and parents and family members are wondering why. Second part of; A Cure for Autism May Be Closer Then You Think
By: Miraculous Livng
Aug. 14, 2012 - PRLog -- Identifying Common Circumstances for individuals with some for of Autism

Human Spirit is not in their physical limbs, arms and legs. This is a condition of all persons with Autism. How that appears is that the relationship with arms and legs is controlled and supported only by human animal, meaning, the body and brain control the limbs.  Without the spirit animating the limbs autistic children appear listless and somewhat unrelated to the physical world and nature.

The advanced autistic individual will have no relationship as a spirit to their torso.
Individuals with Asperger’s will get into their body and animate their torso with
spirit, unlike children with full autism who will not.

Because of these circumstance Human spirit when animating a human body is
stimulating many of the operating systems of the physical body. In the condition of
autism things are very, very different.

Autistic individuals experience support only from ‘Human Animal’
‘Human Spirit’ does not provide systems support for:

Cardio Vascular, Respiratory Digestive, Nervous system , Sense Perception; Touch, Auditory, Taste, Visual                   

Note; when the physical body has no access to the integrating and enriching contributions of spirit, senses will be experienced as an overload.

One of the biggest challenges for autistic toddlers is the hair cutting process. Since they are massively in their mental body, with no maturity to comprehend how to use it,  the buzzing around the head will cause them to go ‘crazy’. Imagine all your sensory information is now channeled through your mental body.

James and Elan as children had a terrible time of it when it came to participating in what for ‘normal children’ would be considered simple activities. James would run to his mother in a panic with a small amount of food residue on his hands; ’get it off, get it off’ he’d yell as if the sticky food was literally causing pain. The real challenge was the haircut.

There mother Rosita hired help when the hair cuts could wait no longer. A physical therapist would meet them at the Barbershop  and literally hold them tight, like a human straight jacket as the boys freaked out, screaming and shaking and their hair was quickly shorn.  They tried buzzer’s in the hands to help pull the stimulation down and though it was suggested to Rosita to drug them and literally knock them out, she knew her boys would not have a normal life unless they adjusted and learned how to handle the massive stimulation.

To correct autism early for a child can mean a tremendous difference in their contentment and over all sense of well-being and connection in the world.

Another circumstance I have observed in Autistic individuals is an interesting tie in to intelligence and formation of comprehending their environment. The skin of the autistic children I have worked with appears grey. And the nervous system appears back.

The significance of this is extremely important in intelligence and how complete they will be able to take in information.

Many years ago I taught infant massage. While training for the certification I learned some interesting facts about the information receiving system. When an newly forming human is less then a week old, the same embryonic materials that forms the skin and nervous system is forming the brain.  The nerves and the skin are meant to serve as information gathering tools in service along with the brain. Without these tools the stream of information coming in will be very one-dimensional.

Touch for a young autistic child may be overwhelming as there is no way to judge it or understand it.

A typical autistic will have access to their head, including brain, but will never actually animate it. In other words they will use it, just like they will use a computer, but they will never own it, this is ‘me’.

Élan and James are twins. Elan found his way into his torso as a spirit as a result of all this therapies and to the outside world appears stronger and more stable to the outside eye. James on the other hand appears fragile, and week, thinner and smaller then his brother. Neither of the boys experience much energy appearing somewhat lethargic,
Elan inhabits his right leg, right arm, torso and James does not own any parts of his body.

Why would human spirit take on this kind of life? What would they hope to gain or learn from these circumstances?

If we are moving away from a life related to nature, it is possible these children are researching if there is some version of the current model of humans that will be suited for life related to technology and metal body activities.

The Divine Human blueprint we currently live with is meant to be supported in the physical environment and out in nature. Our cellular body is nourished in God’s good earth. The trees balance our ions as do the oceans waves. The vibrant healthy nature surrounding us uplifts and restores us, encouraging emotions of peace, joy and elation. We as Human spirit animating human animal, find the perfect balance of the mental emotional spiritual and physical bodies here on mother earth.

The new trends towards spending hours on technology were not part of the original blueprint. There was plenty of room for our minds to expand, to access our genius in art, music, science and the advancement of our depth, but we were not designed to live in a world of machines and technology absent from the very nature that provides the landscape for our success.

Children experimenting with autism are trying out a new blueprint for a technological age. If this age gets out of testing phase and moves into a pilot program, we will see many more individuals exhibiting similar traits.

Everything I have described about the lack of relationship of spirit to body can be brought up to todays high standards. This is a group experiment it is a spiritual body  experiment ‘how little can they live in their body and still use it’


Getting the musculature to decrease more rapidly for a technological age where the physical body is used much less human animal body is forced to live out of the brain rather then the animating spirit.

Autism and the agreement for autism appears to run in families. It is a spiritual illness when looked at it from a healthy human experience. The spiritual illness gene is encoded in the DNA and is sometimes triggered by a mental illness program (though not always.)

I discovered with an 8 year old, David, that an injury at birth on his frontal lobe actually helped him own that one part of the brain. All the other 4 brain sections we speak about were grey. His frontal lobe was like a garden with fresh green growth.
David animates with his spirit torso, left arm and fifth brain (frontal lobe).

A common thread among these children is a lack of connection with their body.

The person experiencing autism will not understand the full realm of emotions.  The emotions they do experience will mostly come from the survival or instinctual brain.

The average person has access to 70% of the emotional body, the person growing up with autism has access to 10%.

In my practice I am seeing children getting better in a small number of session and turning around their futures for the better. My Miraculous Apprentices are learning the tools and techniques to provide wellness for those suffering from Autism as well as many other present day illnesses with no surgery or medications, the work is entirely energetic and produces no side affect. For more information
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