“Vast Untapped Resource” of Knowledge Leads to New 100% Natural Skin Care Product Line

Thai Traditional Medicine includes knowledge relating to the health benefits of over 3,000 plant species and accumulated over more than 800 years. Its recent resurgence has sparked the creation of a new 100% natural skin care product range.
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Aug. 10, 2012 - PRLog -- Bangkok, Thailand
10 August 2012

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“Vast Untapped Resource” of Natural Health Remedies Leads to New 100% Natural Line of Skin Care Products  

The accumulated bank of knowledge relating to the use of natural, plant based ingredients that forms Thailand’s natural health profession has been called a “vast, untapped resource” by the head of a premium skin care and anti aging product manufacturer based in Bangkok.

“The traditional health professions of China, the Ayervedic traditions of India, and the use of natural products as part of Korea and Japan’s traditional approaches to health are quite commonly known and respected globally but there would be very few who are aware of how significant the Thai natural medicine industry is,” says David Christensen, CEO of Royal Siam Natural Health and Beauty.

Royal Siam is a business formed to commercialize this knowledge on a global basis in the areas of skincare and anti aging. “We are going to see a great deal more of the Thai traditions and knowledge on the world stage over the next few years, and Royal Siam is very pleased to be one of the primary drivers of this.”

Mr Christensen explains there is nothing sinister or secretive about the lack of world attention on Thai Traditional Medicine, and he sees it as a commentary on much of Thai culture and its relationship with the rest of the world.

“Thailand’s modern history is very different to the rest of Asia,” says Mr Christensen. “as it was not only a strong and independent culture, but was largely bypassed by European powers during their empire-building days, unlike most of the Asian region. This meant there was never a colonial administration across the public service and as a result no easy way this knowledge was absorbed by the west.”

Added to this is the language is extremely difficult to master and to this day foreigners who can read and speak fluent Thai are the exception rather than the rule, and finally there is the cultural tendency that is reluctant to self-promote. All of which conspired to make this whole area quite invisible to outsiders, while openly part of daily life for most Thais.”

Written records of the use of natural ingredients in what is modern day Thailand go back over 800 years, with each successive generation adding to and refining this knowledge base, which covers more than 3000 plant species and also, because of Thailand’s position on historic trade routes, includes key ingredients that originate from the Middle East, India, and China.

Included within the Royal Siam product lineup which is available for purchase online is the “Faithful to Tradition” range whose product are hand made from 100% natural ingredients, extracted in the traditional manner and containing no artificial additives of any kind. This includes natural facial moisturizer and face lifting serum products, natural skin whitening, natural facial toner, as well as natural hair restoration products and non-foaming shampoo made from kaffir lime and Thai herbs. The ‘Faithful to Tradition’ range can be found online at https://www.royalsiam.asia .

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