Micheal Phelps 15 Time Gold Medal Winner and World Champion; Brain Balance to Victory

Micheal Phelps how ADHD & Depression helped Micheal become a 19 time Olympic Medal winner The extraordinary combination of obstacle & focused action that supported brain and balance Micheal's journey from the energy healers view point
By: Miraculous Livng
The Developing  Brain
The Developing Brain
Aug. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- I was intrigued to learn about the challenges of our national hero Michael Phelps who has used several obstacles related to brain function to fuel his World record career as the most decorated metal winner in Olympic history.  

As a child Michael received the diagnosis of ADHA; Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. His mother used athletics to help channel Micheal’s energy towards a positive activity. Bob Bowman, his coach of 16 years, created additional difficulties intentionally for Michael, causing Michael to use his brain for accomplishment preparing him for difficulties that might arise in live competitions.

The combination of wise elders decisions for Micheal have resulted in  a truly winning strategy.  Michael is a consummate winner with resilience and kindheartedness in his nature thanks to wise elder guides who helped him along the way make good choices until he could for himself be the extraordinary man he has become.

There has been a shift from the last Olympics, and gold medals wins, to the current games. Michael has seemed to step into a new mature man, leaving behind the knight slaying dragons, perhaps with a bit less vigor on the win, he has moved into the next phase of wise elder love and maturity.

As it turns out, after the last wins, Michael hit a wall and began to question the value of his life and the meaning of the wins. And so ensued a depression and weight gain followed by a good amount of self-reflection and ‘soul’ searching. This relates both to the period of his Saturn return, which is a phase of  moving into adulthood and positioning for adult life, starting at age 28 and moving from knight /prince to King.

It is typical for an individual to examine their way of being, and re frame in a more mature way their next steps in life. It is possible to entirely put aside life up to that point and start a completely new career that has more meaning and a deeper sense of contribution, or to re position it  in an entirely new way and build off the accomplishments of the past.

I see Michael is actually doing both.

He also arrived early into the ‘tunnel’, which is a phase of manhood described in Alison Armstrong’s wonderful book, 'Keys to the Kingdom'. This phase is often thought of as a mid life crisis, and can last anywhere from a few months to typically a year and a half. It resembles depression. In this phase a man may become self questioning and uncertain of the meaning of his life and may look at his contributions and how he wants the rest of his life to play out

He moves from Prince, which Michael has truly been, to King, where he is looking at his Kingdom and how he will make a difference in his world. Michael arrived here early because of the intense spotlight he has stood in for 16 years and we see him now looking to the future retiring from the Olympic games.

Depression is a brain Malady as is ADHD. As an energetic healer would look at a brain n depression, they would observe the 5 brains under a black influence, (we refer to this as a death energy) and as anyone who has undergone a period of depression they will tell you they live under a dark cloud or in a haze . The language descriptions in English are actually very accurate for what is happening on an energetic level. As the haze lifts, the brains from the instinctual and logical brains to the emotional creative and angelic brains begin to lighten up again.

This is the period where hope or life returns.

Looking back into Micheal’s first Brain challenge, ADHD, individuals who experience this condition are often creative individuals Who have for the journey of spirit have created situations that will rapidly accelerate the concepts of compassion, empathy and understanding.

If you are an individual of faith, and believe in either the hand of God influencing your incarnation and how life unfolds, or you believe you play a role in the circumstances and programs that you have set to play out in your life, these concepts will make sense to you.

Hand of God, or personal spirit choice, challenging life patterns do direct us to the individuals desire to grow rapidly on their spirit journey, and have a life filled with material to assist in the rapid acceleration.

On a physical level, Michael and others like him with ADHD have more then the standard 3 pathways of communication between the right and left hemisphere.  Learning to harness the rapid fire cross referencing between logic and creativity can in childhood be an overwhelming challenge but with loving wise elder guides, like parents coaches teachers, even therapists, this apparent obstacle can be harness for strength of character, deepening compassion and incredible accomplishment.

The role of a healthy brain plays an important part in optimizing an individual’s entire existence. Through a persons brain they view and understand their world. The human brain provides much of the content for personality, character, judgment and ability to make good choices. When the brain is working a person is healthy. However, when the brain vitality is in trouble, there is a diminished ability in all areas of life.

Miraculous healing Brain protocols are quite possible the most powerful of all the healing we are able to provide working through the human blue print. The brain with all its amazing complexities, when restored to great function can improve virtually all conditions of malfunction in the body.

'Your Divine Human Blue Print', the Miraculous Healing Guide book systematically delivers a road map of information on all aspects of human experience from the physical to the mental, energetic and spiritual elements of human incarnation and shares the previously hidden details to restoring or creating new health and vitality where none was. (Upcoming book release date December 12, 2012)

The brain controls all the systems of the physical body and even some parts of the energetic body. When the brain colors are improved, chemistry can be improved through energy healing.

Michael has used his apparent obstacles, what some people might call a disability, to launch him into a profound and extraordinary life. To learn more about the energetic healing of the brain and body please visit our website or attend one of our upcoming live events. http://julierenee.com/miraculous-weekend
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