IAD Is All Set To Serve Its Clients With iOS 6 Application Development

IAD, an offshore development center dedicated to iPad application development, is ready to provide iOS 6 application development to its clients. Its developers have worked on all beta versions of iOS 6.
Aug. 1, 2012 - PRLog -- iPad Application Developers(IAD) is ready to serve its clients with iOS 6 application development. After providing its clients with efficient iOS application development services, IAD's developers are now looking forward to serve its clients with application development for iPad in its latest version. Soon after the release of iOS 6 beta version and iOS 6 SDK, its developers started working on the latest version of Apple's iOS. They have thoroughly worked and tested this platform, and now, they are well-versed with this platform and its robust features.

Most of IAD's expert developers say that iOS 6 app development holds bright prospects. In explanation to its new features, one of the senior-most developers of the company quoted, “Apart from its new features, we have iOS 6 SDK and Xcode 4.5 that enable us to use this platform in a better way. The new SDK holds immense potential and it is up to iPad developers like us to use those tools in the most effective way.” The developers also said that since, Apple's iOS 6 has already stirred the mobile application development market with its beta version, the demand for iOS apps is going to shoot up, and, they should be ready to meet the demands.

IAD's developers have worked on all beta versions of iOS 6. Currently, its developers are trying out the third beta version. Further strengthening the company's forte in iOS app development for iPad, IAD's CEO said, “Our quality services have been our pride from the very commencement of our company. We want to keep up that pride; therefore, the developers have poured in their efforts so that they don't leave any single loophole.”

The offshore iPad development company is prepared to develop iOS 6 applications for iPad but, it still hasn't updated its service list. The company expects that the latest features of this latest version would surely have extra additions in application development. Once iOS 6 application development starts taking proper shape, which IAD speculates to happen after the full and final version of iOS 6 is released, it would update its final service list of iOS 6 application development for iPad.

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