Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps Help Fight The Bite in North America

This summer's brutal mosquito season, together with the re-emergence of West Nile Virus, has triggered a spending spree on mosquito control products. Mosquito trap manufacturer Mega-Catch™ reports their traps are literally flying off the shelves.
By: EnviroSafe Technologies
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Multi-attractant Premier XC Mosquito Trap
Multi-attractant Premier XC Mosquito Trap
July 27, 2012 - PRLog -- It's been described as one of the worst mosquito seasons in decades and mosquito control companies throughout North America are reporting heavy demand for traps, sprays and repellents.  In some instances, demand has outstripped supply.

“It’s been a brutal mosquito season with no let-up, and our traps have literally flown off the shelves", reports Mega-Catch™ Sales Manager Nicky Stockman.

In fact the company’s new trap, the Premier XC, in short supply in Canada, has already sold out in the U.S.

The ongoing hot weather in Canada, which typically has less of a mosquito problem than its southern cousin the U.S, has created conditions perfect for mosquitoes. According to Canada’s public health agency (PHAC) there are 74 known species of mosquitoes in Canada and while not all mosquitoes are disease carriers, the debilitating and potentially fatal West Nile Virus (WNV) infection has been found in 10 of these.  And right now the species of most concern is Culex tarsalis, which in addition to WNV, is responsible for the transmission of St. Louis and Western Equine Encephalitis viruses.

There are a number of commercially available traps out there, however one of the most advanced mosquito traps on the market is Mega-Catch's™  top seller, the Premier XC.  Capable of attracting mosquitoes from as far away as 120 feet, a programmable menu allows this smart  trap to be fine tuned to target specific mosquito species.  A host of features that come standard with the trap include oscillating UV LED lights, a central LED cluster (which gives the appearance of movement) and a 5-stage heating element with adjustable heat mode to subtly alter the infrared signature that attracts a wide range of mosquito species

For particularly bothersome mosquitoes like Culex tarsalis, who are attracted by  carbon dioxide (CO2), an optional upgrade kit makes the Premier XC carbon dioxide capable.  This enables the trap to replicate a key feature of human/animal respiration by releasing or ‘exhaling’ variable amounts of CO2 into the air plume.  

“So set up your traps, slap on the bug spray and stay indoors after dusk”, cautions Stockman, “the worst of the summer mosquito season is in full swing”.

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EnviroSafe Technologies, a privately held firm based in Auckland, New Zealand, developed one of the first environmentally friendly mosquito traps. Now an established global brand, Mega-Catch™ traps are available on-line at megacatch and have been sold to over 40 countries around the world, including Australia, India, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Britain, Canada and the U.S.A.

About Mega-Catch™ Mosquito Traps
Mega-Catch™ Traps/Attractants are registered with the USDA, EPA (U.S.A), APVMA (Australia) and PMRA (Canada).  Safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, Mega-Catch™ traps have been independently and scientifically tested, consistently outperforming other brands.


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