Pain Ten Things Doctors Don't Know About Chronic Pain and How to Feel Better

From Meditation Expert Miraculous Healer Julie Renee You were born a happy healthy little person ready to bring your biggest best ever life You progressed through life & at some time the glow happy enthusiasm faded your health began to deteriorate
July 25, 2012 - PRLog -- Pain Ten things doctors don’t know about chronic pain
And what you can do to feel better right now

You were born a happy, healthy little person, ready to bring on your biggest, best ever life. You progressed through your life and at some time the glow and happy enthusiasm faded and your health began to deteriorate. Over the past 19 years, we at Miraculous Healing, have assisted our clients in feeling better in their body, regardless of the cause of the pain. We have helped reduce and eliminate pain from illness, injury, nerve damage, and broken bones. In the following paragraphs we will explore where pain comes from when it seems mysterious and how to rapidly shift your circumstances to feeling vibrant and healthy again.

No Nucleus (brain) in the cells affected by pain.

How could that be, you ask? Medical treatment is responsible for 60% of the missing nuclei, toxicity and pollution ingested through air, water and food for 23%,medical illnesses, including a nasty bug called a mycoplasma for 15% and a small percentage is actually congenital.

Spiritual body failure.

During injuries and illness, the 264 chakras and mini chakras called Nadis can fail, stop, be chopped off, and all together go missing. Your body is meant to have energy moving in and out of the glands, organs and systems. That energy is an important part of the nourishment of the physical body.

Emotional Body Atrophy.

Painful emotions embed in the cells of your body and turn the light off in the cells. These painful emotions in the cells, are a death energy that prevent the cell's return to vibrancy and health.

Brain Patterns (Conscious)

Holding pain as a familiar feeling. Pain can become a companion and a quiet friend. When asking a pain client, “would you like the pain taken from your body now, at no cost?” I was told, “no thanks, my life is designed around my pain, everything I do and how I do it is paced
around this condition and things would change too much for me.”

Brain Patterns (Unconscious)

These are programs of influential people and related to how you are loved and given emotional encouragement and support.

Emotional Manipulation (Unconscious).

Get something from this condition. May hold others hostage, gives a level of control and dominance. Shame is often experienced. In this situation your body is trained not to improve.

DNA patterns create a predisposition to having pain patterns like family members.

Emotional Family Bubble.

The “what you are suppose to feel at a certain age,”old, achy, tired, in pain and head aches. This is sourced from the constant conversation that is subtle. When you hear it your cells start matching the aches to make the person speaking correct, knowing it has to be fulfilled.

Nerve Pain.

Nerve pain is miserable and backing out of nerve pain means
getting your body into the parasympathetic system as much as possible and speaking to the Nerves with love appreciation and gratitude. Great headway can be made by receiving ML brain healings creating entirely new direction for the nerves and the body to respond to.

Mental Body Shadow Pain.

A phantom floating pain that lives in the physical body shifts through the mental body which is similar to the spiritual imprint on the cellular body.

No Nucleus (brain) in the cells.

To replace the nucleus is definitely doable, but not through traditional
Western medicine. In our Miraculous Living Apprentice program we learn to harness our creator god force. This is the way we replace the nucleus.

Focus gold energy actively in the place where the nucleus used to be, over a few minutes the nucleus will again reappear and as gold energy continues to be focused into the nucleus, it will ultimately appear again at 100 percent.

Spiritual Body Failure.

The seven body chakras are the priority.

a.) Chakra one found at the perineum. It is your base or survival
chakra. The best colors here are deep green and red.

b.) Chakra two is out the front of the body just above the public bone and out the back two inches up from the base of the spine/coccyx. This is the chakra of physical creativity and sensuality. The best colors in this chakra are peach, pink, orange and green.

c.) Chakra three about 2 inches up from the belly button and directly out the back. This chakra is related to will and power/energy. The best colors are green and red.

d.) Chakra four is the heart chakra 2 inches up from the base of the
sternum and out the back. For women you can find it around your bra line. The best colors are red, pink, peach and all green.

e.) Chakra five is at the base of the neck in front and also in the back of the neck in the same location. It is the chakra of communication. The best colors are pink, green and yellow.

f.) Chakra six is the brow or center of head chakra, often referred to as the third eye. It is out the front of the head between the eyebrows and out the back of the head 3 inches above where the spine meets the skull. The best color is a deep blue. Emerald green is also good.

g.) Chakra seven is your crown chakra and is your direct communication with the divine.  The color is gold or yellow and should only be these colors.

We address many more of the spiritual body elements in the MiraculousLiving Apprentice program, however having these 7 chakras tuned and running well can really help feed the body energy and reduce pain.

Emotional Body Atrophy.

Painful emotions embed in the cells of your body and turn the light off in the cells. These painful emotions in the cells, are a death energy that prevent the cell's return to vibrancy and health. We have a program for clearing emotional pain and love entanglements. The best thing to do now is to sit and breathe into the location where the pain is and allow it to move. This takes patience. The common places for this atrophy are liver, kidney, spleen, heart and intestines. Private session with (Rev Julie Renee)or one of her certified miraculous healers will be instrumental in clearing these hidden culprits.

Brain Patterns (Conscious)

This is holding pain as a familiar ‘feeling’. If you notice that this is your
challenge, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the things
you get... or benefit from..., by having on going pain. I get free...I get
attention from... I have friendships bonded from pain... Really be honest and write as many “wins” as possible from this condition. Next, write all the things you might have to deal with, or face, or new ways of being, you would need to create, if life shifted. Finally write down all the things you could do, be, have and accomplish, if pain were not an issue in your life.

List One

You will need to let go of each, one by one and completely in order to move to

List Two.

List Two turns into a strategy list, a how do I find a solution or get help from others to find a solution for these circumstances that will need to be embraced and overcome. Finally,

List Three
can really be felt, once List One and Two have been fully addressed, List Three is full, to catapult you in the most freeing way to your life; the life of grace and ease, the life you have only dreamed of and can now truly be a real possible future.

List One, I benefit from having pain.....

List more on a fresh sheet, continue until you have entirely emptied out.
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