Presidential Hopeful Schools Nation on Suspect James Holmes and Colorado Shootings

Robert W. Sandera is a Federal Law Specialist practicing law as an Attorney for himself for over 32 years. He tells the Country what to expect at a trial that will be attempted to be turned into a psychiatric fiasco with mental incompetency pleas.
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July 23, 2012 - PRLog -- James Holmes, the 24 yr. old suspect in the shootings at an Aurora Colorado movie theater that left 12 people dead and 58 injured is destined for Court Hearings

Guys Mills Pennsylvania Robert W. Sandera a Godly type Presidential Candidate claims to be an expert as a Practicing Federal Attorney in Mental Competency laws abused in criminal cases speaks out on what to expect.

First of all I don’t want anyone to think I’m heartless here I just think people should be ready to hear this defense trick.

I can only hope and pray for the families that all the victims had a sincere Relationship with God and if they did I’m confident family members will see them again by the Promises of eternal life.

I feel Gods word is absolute accurate information that I feel can be confirmed by historical evidence meaning if part of the Book is proven it all will be. Meaning Eternal life is real so I hope the families can find some comfort in those words.

I’m sure nobody wants to hear this at this time but I feel it’s important because it goes back to my life’s history of things I fought against and have wanted changed for many years.

I have spoken out on Ham Radio shows about a bad law known as “Incompetent to Stand Trial” I spoke out because the law is grossly abused by crooked cops and prosecutors but on the other spectrum its severely abused by bad Attorneys for Murderers etc. so they may go to a more posh mental institution then a hard core prison.

Watch for Suspect James Holms Attorney to insist on a Forensic psychological exam that he is mentally incompetent to stand trial and or NGRI. Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

As a criminal Attorney I would have to look at the states specific laws but can say this.
The Police are arming for this to be totally premeditated .Murder for a reason.  It gives less chance of insanity or diminished mental competency case which is the biggest scam in the world.

Victims’ families should insist on truth in sentencing. In other words if there is no death penalty in that state and a Judge gives say on one count 25 years and no chance of parole then that’s what the guilty serves not 5 years then review a case for parole etc.

States like Michigan were to adopt truth in sentencing laws however they are not as good as you may think.  They also give crooked Courts opportunities to put innocent way far out and away to cover up civil rights violations that would become Federal Lawsuits before a Statute of limitations run out.

The 25 years I stated is just an example I am sure penalty’s for murder especially premeditated murder are far harsher then my examples and there also is the multiple counts to consider plus you have assault and battery on the wounded and assault on the non-wounded for causing a terrifying act terrifying people is generally assaulting them battery is the offensive touching or physical harm, bullets, beating, fighting etc.

Murder, shooting, or weapons laws and other laws may fall under terrorism act now it’s hard to say but every state laws are different and often applied differently than what the public may believe.

For years I have fought and wanted Incompetent to stand trial laws destroyed. Murderers go into jail laughing saying I got off as incompetent or I told them I had 27 personalities etc.

It’s amazing how it seems predominantly Republican Judges and Prosecutors seem to abuse the law against innocent to prevent a Civil Rights suit against their County.  People face life incarceration for running red lights, sending flowers to people is attempted murder, stating you are going to sue equals big time incompetent etc

It’s their opinion they can drug people with large overdoses of drugs like Haldol that were used to destroy the brains of descendants of the Soviet Union in its day etc and force people to be competent to stand trial as a mental vegetable if you believe that one.  

Not only that but they create a Drug addict then cut them off for a hearing or trial so they wig out in full blown withdrawal.  Psychiatric Drugs do wild things to people and I sincerely believe as the Citizens Commission on Humans Rights that they create the mental illness they treat.  How convenient the Jury if present just witnesses a Government created crazy person.

They also cost tax payer upwards of 900.00 or more dollars a day for psychiatric imprisonment over 35.00 a day for jail time. Your corrupt Dirty Police tax dollars at work.

Former Cia Asset Susan Lindaur will tell you in her case she was going to be turned into a lifelong mental case with overdoses of Haldol, Prozac, and Ativan. If any news person thinks I am joking or her case is not believable I challenge them to go from never taking Haldol to 10 milligrams of liquid mixed in Kool-Aid given twice a day as a starting dose.  

Any good doctor will tell you that’s insane and about enough to put a horse down.  I believe the starting dose is to be like 0.5 or half of a milligram.

At 10 milligrams twice a day in a matter of one or two days or even hours a person will appear with tardive dyskinesia so uncontrollably shaking their arms so bad they will look like they have full blown Parkinson’s disease unless they take another drug called Cogentin which may pacify the server effects of Haldol.  Their liver or other organs may be ruined so bad they are now sexually sterile or have E.D.

What America has to ask is what right does any government person have to create someone into a sexually sterilized or person with Parkinson’s disease fully blown mental case.  Because you can’t tell me when you produce Parkinson’s symptoms so bad and so fast you are in fact damaging someone’s brain to remain that way the rest of their life.  

Forensic Center for Psychiatry’s and Incompetent to Stand Trial torture victims are being tortured by well, in Michigan the Dept. of State Police. So to put it bluntly our State Police have become Murderers by way of psychiatry.

What a sick twisted anti-Christian World and Nation we have become.  I love everyone as ultimately commanded by Christ and want to change all that. Because, I fear this Country has become so EVIL we could be obliterated like Sodom and Gomorra or cursed and destroyed like Babylon.

Biblical History shows when certain lines were crossed God used his wrath in unpleasant ways and those effects ended up being eternal. Yes Jesus came for us all however do enough people get it that you could still blow it not pleasing God following his word.  Commandments aren’t suggestions now are they?

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Tags:James Holmes, Aurora Colorado Shootings, Rampage, Robert Sandera
Location:Guys Mills - Pennsylvania - United States
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