IAD Launches iPad 3 Application Development Services

IAD, an offshore iPad development company, has launched its new services for iPad 3 application development. The developers of the company have mastered the technical details of iPad 3.
July 6, 2012 - PRLog -- IAD (iPad Application Developer) launches its new services for iPad 3 application development. After delivering several successful iPad applications to its global clientele for the first generation and second generation iPad, IAD is now all set to serve its customers with customized, productive iPad 3 applications. Right from the advent of iPad 3 in the market, the iPad app developers of the company has been working on the technical details of the device.

IAD's developers left no stones unturned to know the ins and outs of the device. Remarking on application development for the new iPad, one of the senior developers said, “Apple has always introduced significant changes to its new devices. Although, iPad 2 and iPad 3 seems to be almost similar, the differences in the technical features of these two devices are vast. Hence, it is important for us to check out each and every single detail because we do not want to leave any loopholes.”

The new iPad sold three million units in the first three days, and this figure was enough to state its popularity. IAD speculates that with the number of iPad units sold at such amazing rate, the market of application development for iPad is very soon going to see an outburst. As for now, the list of services for iPad 3 app development remains the same but; the company may add new services depending on the market scenario.

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The CEO of the company also seems to be extremely hopeful from the new venture of his company. Explaining the benefits of the new services, the CEO said, “Our developers have worked very hard on this platform but, finally they have mastered all the techniques. I'm sure they would be able to deliver top-notch iPad 3 applications as they have done for iPad and iPad 2.”

However, it is not only IAD's developers who are excited about the new services; IAD's clients are equally excited about the new iPad 3 application development services. With its efficient services, IAD is sure that it will live up to the expectations of the clients.

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