A Black Man Classified As White Files a Complaint with the United Nations Against the U.S.

Dr. Mostafa Hefny challenges the United States to exercise his right to maintain his cultural and racial identity as an indigenous Nubian and not to assimilate, based on The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
By: The Detroit News, Detroit, Michigan
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July 5, 2012 - PRLog -- Dr. Mostafa Hefny is a Black man.  His complexion is darker than that of most African Americans.  His hair is kinkier than that of most African Americans.  His features are more African than those of most African Americans.  He was born and raised in Africa (Egypt) and African Americans were not and yet, African Americans are classified as Black and he is classified as White according to Directive No. 15, of the Office of Management and Budget.  Directive No. 15 defines a White person as “A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East.”  It defines a Black person as “A person having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Africa.”  According to these definitions, Egyptian Nubians, specifically, me, are classified as Whites.  These definitions defy science, logic, and common sense. The ideology of White supremacy and Black inferiority began to develop in the last quarter of the 17th century.  In order to justify the enslavement and the brutal treatment of Blacks on the plantations, the African had to be dehumanized.  Once this occurred, Europeans could carry out the Atlantic slave trade and the brutal treatment of slaves on the plantations without disturbing their Christian consciences.  If Africans were seen as subhuman, enslaving them and mistreating them would not be seen as immoral or non-Christian (Hefny, 1995, p.27)
   There are two versions of the ideology of White supremacy and Black inferiority, a hard version which was prevalent in the 17th and 18th centuries, and a soft version which was prevalent in the 19th and 20th centuries and which continues to exist to the present.   
   The hard version, of this ideology, argued that Negroes did not have a soul, had a tail, and were only one link above the apes.  The American scholars Bernal and Jordan discussed this matter in their works.  By the 1680's, the opinion that Negroes were only one link above the apes was already prevalent (Bernal, 1987, Vol. 1, p.203; Jordan, 1968, pp. 229-30).  The soft version which continues to exist to the present argues that Blacks are intellectually, culturally, and morally inferior to Whites.
   The belief that Nubians were Black was not disputed in Europe until the rise of the ideology of White supremacy and Black inferiority in the last quarter of the 17th century.  This ideology had a major contradiction inherent in it.  The Nubians who developed an advanced civilization were considered Black according to the White scholars of Europe prior to the rise of the ideology of White supremacy and Black inferiority.  To solve this contradiction some White scholars, including Seligman and Sergi, began to argue that the Nubians, the Ancient Egyptians, and the Ethiopians (all of them developed advanced civilizations) are White.  This is exactly why the White people who came up with the definition of “White person” in Directive No. 15 classify Nubians as Whites.  They did it, as we saw in the preceding paragraphs, on the basis of the ideology of White supremacy and Black inferiority and to solve the major contradiction of this ideology.  
     I have been awarded, inadvertently, the negative effects of being Black such as racial profiling, stereotypes, and disenfranchisement due to my Negroid features.  However, the legal demand of my racial classification of “White” prevents me from receiving benefits established for Black people.  This assertion is based on Directive No. 15 of the Office of Management and Budget.
   It is my request that a reclassification be considered and implemented to correct any and all lack of benefits prohibited since the institution of this Directive for any and all Black people classified in this regard, past, present, and in the future.  To correct the disenfranchisement for any and all people, who may have missed an opportunity to enable, engage, employ, or utilize benefits targeted and aimed for people of color to level the socioeconomic “playing field”; it is my recommendation that an outreach be deployed to investigate the existence and occurrence of his or her claim.  
   Research shows that humanity originated in Africa.  Research shows that the Black race is the oldest race, and that the White race is the youngest.  Research shows that all races have evolved from the Black race through mutation, gene flow, genetic drift, and recombination.   
   Research shows that civilization originated in Africa.  Research shows that the knowledge of the Black people of ancient Egypt has influenced and has provided the foundation for all subsequent human knowledge.  As a Black man and as an African, I am proud of this heritage.  My classification as a White man takes away my Black pride, my Black heritage, and my strong Black identity.  My autobiography entitled: “They classified Him As a White Man: The Life of Dr. Mostafa Hefny” will be published this Fall.  The public will learn, first hand, about my ordeal.  In addition to my autobiography, my supporters and I have formed an organization named “The Association of Black Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Nubian Advocates (TABEENA).”  The Association of Black (Ancient) Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Nubian Advocates (TABEENA) was formed for the purpose to serve and increase the awareness of the indigenous groups identified as Black (Ancient) Egyptians, Ethiopians, and Nubians, in the United States, and their history, identity, and rights.  
The objective of this organization is to combat any racial classification of ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, or Nubians, as Whites, by the U.S. Government or any other entity, in a concentrated effort to specifically retain Ancient Nubians’ racial identity as Black, as it relates to information contained and/or disseminated in academia, media and all other sources of information portals.  I am currently the President of this organization.
   Additionally, TABEENA and I have posted an electronic petition on Facebook with the goal of collecting millions signatures, worldwide.  This petition states:
   If you agree with this position, please sign this petition:  "An American citizen, who holds Negroid features and who is an indigenous Nubian, should have the RIGHT to be classified as "Black" instead of "White" in the United States of America, regardless of his or her geographical origin.”  Please refer to this link, regarding the petition:  http://signon.org/sign/justice-for-an-indigenous.
To conclude, even though I have two professional certificates and a Ph.D., I am unemployed and unemployable in professional positions because I want to be classified “Black”. Even though I was severely harassed, ridiculed, humiliated, denied promotions twice, fired five times, lost my professional career, house, car, and was forced to file for bankruptcy, I did not give up and I will not give up because this is a matter of principle to me. I am willing to lay down my life for the cause of restoring the Nubian civilization to the Black race.
   I am asking for the support of the United Nations (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights) to assist me in this matter.  I am a Black man and I want to be classified as such.  Can you please help me?  If you require further information or if you have questions, please call-l me at 313-757-0050, or you can email me at dr.mostafahefny@mail.com
Please sign my Petition or contact me to volunteer to get the United States to change Directive 15 of the Office of Management and Budget, Today!
You may contact Dr. Mostafa Hefny at 313-757-0050

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