Vanessa Bristow-Rose releases her first book the very spiritual Poetry for the Awakening

Vanessa's first book is of poems which will inspire, enrage, horrify, make you smile and make you cry. Poetry for the Awakening is a triumph.
July 4, 2012 - PRLog -- Vanessa Bristow-Rose is deeply involved in the modern day exploration of the spirit in ourselves and follows many diverse routes.  Her life has been hugely varied, from living in Africa to being a policewoman, and this great breadth of knowledge is shown in the breadth of poetry she writes.
Her topics range from War to Banking, Vivisection to Homelessness and in each poem she effortlessly brings out the emotions - so keep your hankies close at hand when you are reading these!
Poetry for the Awakening is published by MyVoice Publishing in July 2012 and is available from Amazon, and all book retailers.  The link is for Amazon UK, but if you search for the title on other Amazon platforms you will find it.
Poetry for the Awakening is beautifully illustrated by Sophie Wright, the illustrations blending seamlessly into the poetry.
Here is one of her shorter poems, YOUR ANGEL

You are the essence of the Universal energy
of unconditional love.
Blessed by Source upon your birth
with an Angel from above.
Your Angel accompanies you
along life’s path
through all the joy and pain.
To be your soul support and friend.
To soothe away your strain.

When alone, you can speak your fears
for everything is heard.
Your Angel knows and understands
each and every word.
So when you have your troubles,
try not to have a care.
Because your Angel’s by your side
and the love is always there.

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