Spybubble Pro Version - Call and Environment Listening

Spybubble has launched a Pro version with several new features! As always with spybuble the price is incredibly low.
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July 2, 2012 - PRLog -- Spybubble Pro Version!

SpyBubble is an innovative software program that grants you unrestricted access to target smartphones, providing you with real-time intelligence data that allows you to monitor and track their activity and whereabouts.
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How SpyBubble PRO Can Help You.

Looking at the wide range of state-of-the-art intelligence-gathering features that the software packs, it is inarguably the most superior activity-monitoring and data-tracking tool available for smartphone users today. Moreover, SpyBubble runs effortlessly on popular smartphone brands like Samsung, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia and is compatible with all leading smartphone operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Nokia’s Symbian.

To gain access to a suspect’s smartphone, you first need to set up the software on the targeted host device through an untraceable installation process that takes less than 2 minutes. The software cloaks itself on the host device after the installation is complete to become the perfect secret agent in your mission of espionage and intelligence-gathering. Here are two features of SpyBubble PRO that can greatly assist you in your quest for the truth.

Call Listening.

If your suspicions are too hard to ignore or ominous signs stare you dead in the face, SpyBubble’s call listening feature is perhaps the simplest way to find out what your spouse, child or employee is really up to. Also known as intercepting, bugging or tapping, this unique feature allows you to bug phone calls made and received on a target smartphone. This means that you are able to listen in on live conversations in real-time and without the risk of being detected or traced!

Therefore, with the unique Call Listening feature, you can finally find out who your spouse talks to on the phone for hours at end and even listen in on what they talk about! It also means that you can keep a vigilant check on your children without actually encouraging them to launch into a tirade about how you are “invading their privacy”.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this unique software will not blow your cover or jeopardize your mission. And for all those people who suspect their partners of infidelity, they finally have the power to discover whether their suspicions are genuine or misplaced. Call Listening is your perfect weapon for keeping track of your kids, monitoring the whereabouts of your spouse and finding the truth about employees.

SpyBubble saves tapped calls on your personal account in case you may want to review them again at your leisure.
The availability of a dedicated personal account ensures that the number of times you review tapped calls and the time when you do it is completely a matter of your personal preference. Moreover, SpyBubble allows you convenience as well as flexibility as you can log in on your personal account simply by using a desktop computer, regardless of whether you are at home or in the office.

This means that not only are you finally able to learn the truth about the suspect but you can also confront them with the support of concrete evidence.

Apart from this, SpyBubble can also come in extremely handy in a range of other possible scenarios. For instance, imagine that your child is being severely bullied and harassed in school by a brawny classmate but is too scared to share the same with you.

Although naturally concerned about the sudden change in your child’s behavior at home, you are also disappointed at failing to extract the truth from him upon repeated enquiries. SpyBubble can come in very handy in such situations as, by listening in on inbound and outbound calls, you can find concrete evidence with which to help your child and support them like good parents.

Environment Listening

Environment Listening is another useful feature for you and is unique to SpyBubble. This unique feature allows you to activate the target smartphone device’s integrated microphone through an SMS command, enabling you to record the conversation taking place in the surrounding environment.

As a result, you can finally learn how exactly your employees feel about you and what they talk about you behind your back. Similarly, you can gather concrete incriminating evidence against employees who are involved in fraudulent activities like money-laundering or data theft. Or SpyBubble may help you in learning the truth about your business partner who is secretly planning lucrative deals under your nose.

SpyBubble can also help you in gathering intelligence on your spouse every time they are absent for indefinite periods. And the best thing about this unique software is that it does not leave any trace nor betrays signs when recording the conversation; there are absolutely no screen flashes or beep sounds during the recording process.

Hence, SpyBubble is your perfect partner in catching the culprit red-handed with concrete evidence that cannot possibly be denied. So now you finally have the means to discover whether your suspicions regarding a certain person are misplaced or are, in fact, genuine.

Spybubble is offered also in other languages:
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