Titanic Gold Ingot | 24K Gold Layered | Limited Edition | Free Contest

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By: irishshopper
July 2, 2012 - PRLog -- The Belfast online Titanic Gift store Rmstitanic.co.uk are hosting a free limited time contest which will give you a chance to win a Titanic Gold Ingot worth £43.99!

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Why not give RMSTitanic.co.uk and RMSTitanic.com a chance to try and fulfil your idea from visiting the websites and checking out their stock of Titanic gifts.

The Titanic Ingot is produced in Pure 100 percent .999 24k Gold Layered - 100 mills and comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity /Hologram/Security numbered for each piece.

Specifications :

43mm x 30mm / 3mm thick

1 oz.....Solid Ingot

Mint Finish /Polished with some black enamel parts.

As can be seen in photograph, beautifully presented in its own gift box.

The Titanic Ingot is inscribed on the rear with the following :


In Memory of Titanic Victims


Free Shipping to the UK & Ireland.

International Customers please visit http://www.rmstitanic100.com

Agents & Stockists required throughout Ireland for this product.

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