CANADA DAY 2012 New Form Of Clean Energy Discovered

FORWARD REGENERATIVE EMF (FRE) ENERGY is new form of energy discovered by a Canadian cleantech company which now allows all electric generators to partially drive themselves when delivering power to a load.
By: Potential Difference Canada Inc.
July 1, 2012 - PRLog -- FRE Energy is the result of 10 years of research and development by Potential Difference Canada Inc. Electric generators that now consume this new energy outperform conventional generators by producing over 300% more output with significantly less input energy over all conventional generators that are currently being used - greatly reducing energy costs while more than tripling current electric vehicle driving range while significantly reducing the world’s dependence on polluting fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

FRE Energy is the reversal of an already well known and also free Electro-Motive-Force that is produced inside all electric generators used today that is commonly referred to as Back EMF.

Back EMF is a form of electric generator-induced FREE ENERGY or counter-electro-motive-torque that manifests itself as a type of free mechanical energy or friction which results in the well known electric vehicle regenerative braking phenomenon - where an EV’s electric generator recharges an EV’s batteries but simultaneously decelerates the EV at the same time.

Since energy is required to produce torque - the counter-electromotive-torque produced by all electric generators is actually a form of FREE MECHANICAL ENERGY that does work and produces counter rotational forces which are produced in concert with any electrical energy being created by the generator.

Back EMF Generators’ free mechanical energy causes all generators to work against (resist) anything and everything that is originally turning the generator in the first place.

The magnitude of the free generator-induced Back EMF Generator’s mechanical energy is always directly proportional to the amount of power delivered by the generator to the load(s) – so the larger or more powerful the generator the more electric power is produced… and  the more free Back EMF Generator mechanical energy / friction / resistance is also produced - and the more (free electric vehicle regenerative braking that results).  

In electricity generating systems where system deceleration is not a desired outcome, the Back EMF Generator’s free resistive energy always requires an increase in input energy to keep the generator turning and producing power. In other words, more coal, fossil fuels, nuclear energy water or wind input energy to balance the free generator induced Back EMF Generator energy. Unfortunately this energy is not free and often means increased energy costs and increased amounts of green house gases and other pollution are produced in the process. Energy Wars are also currently being waged to ensure adequate future supplies for fossil fuel electricity generation.

FRE Energy actually causes electric generators to ACCELERATE THEMSELVES (at no cost) when delivering power to the load(s). When this generator-induced free acceleration occurs - the input energy can then be reduced accordingly (up to 60% in some cases while the output increases by over 400%).

The financial costs associated with producing the electrical energy while using FRE Energy decrease as do the detrimental environmental impacts and human costs while the useable electrical energy increases in direct proportion.

Like Back EMF Generator energy (which is also free BTW albeit undesired) - FRE Energy is also produced in direct proportion to the generator’s electrical output but instead of requiring an increase in input energy to keep the generator turning and delivering power to the load(s) - a significant decrease in input energy results while the FRE Energy generator delivers power AND the more output power produced the less input energy is required.

Forward Regenerative EMF Energy generators do not produce free regenerative braking in electric vehicles when recharging the batteries (like all other generators) but produce free regenerative acceleration instead.

Electric vehicles equipped with FRE Energy generators or Regenerative Acceleration (ReGenX) Generators now allow all EVs to begin partially recharging their batteries while accelerating freely from 10 km/hr and up, while coasting and also while decelerating or during virtually 100% of the EV operation.

Wind turbines, hydroelectric plants, nuclear power plants, coal fired power plants and other fossil fuel power plants or all other types of electricity generating modes will consume much less input energy in the future - less than they require even at idle (on no-load) while delivering more power and the more power delivered the greater the reduction in input that results.

Canadian born, PDI developed FRE Energy is a new energy that will usher in a new energy paradigm for the entire planet that will not only make our finite energy resourses last longer and our new energy sources more productive but will also provide peace for the environment and the inhabitants alike.

“Without some sort of real energy breakthrough…We can see that future mobility is likely to become much more constrained than it is today…Meeting the urgent need to reduce the consumption of oil immediately at all costs or face the consequences of a meltdown in civilization”
~ William Tahil, Research Director Meridian International Research

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