Stop Hair Loss with Scientifically-Formulated HairGain: The Longer You Wait, the More you Lose

They say that “You are not your hair.” Which is true, but why do we try the craziest things to stop hair loss and slow baldness? The answer is very simple…because most of us don’t want to lose our hair. Is there a safe way to do this?
By: Dawn Damico, Your Research Diva
Stop Hair Loss-Military Grade Nutritionals
Stop Hair Loss-Military Grade Nutritionals
June 29, 2012 - PRLog -- They say that “You are not your hair.” Which is true, but why do we try the craziest things to stop hair loss and slow baldness? The answer is very simple…because most of us don’t want to lose our hair. There are all kinds of self-esteem issues attached to a naked head…even if we know, logically, that people will still love us, we are still intelligent and compassionate people, and we are still able to contribute in a meaningful way to the world – with or without hair.

So, logically, the depression and anxiety that many hair loss sufferers express in the multiple hair loss forums just doesn’t seem to make sense. And yet, it still exists.
When you see you hair line receding before its time, start experiencing male-patterned baldness, or hesitate to brush your hair for fear that more strands will end up in its bristles, you start to wonder why this is happening, and how you can stop the hair loss. You are used to controlling so many other facets in your life – so you simply want to control this one too.

Have you tried what others have tried to stop hair loss?

•   Rubbing vodka in your hair
•   Putting coffee in your minox spray
•   Special hair growth shampoos
•   Extra zinc and vitamin B supplements
•   Rubbing a hydrocortisone cream on your scalp
•   Rubbing a heat rub onto your scalp
•   Rubbing tabasco sauce or chili pepper on the affected area
•   Derma roller followed by a minox spray (yes, rolls of pins on your scalp)
•   Prescriptions that give you night sweats – but you try to endure in an effort to keep your hair
•   Risk possible prescription drug side effects of anxiety and depression
•   Risk death by taking a “party” drug that promises tighter skin and hair growth

First: Get Educated About Your Hair Loss

While scientists are still not completely sure what causes the onslaught of falling follicles, there is recent evidence that points to a few factors: Excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone; A malfunction in the autoimmune system; and most recently, break-through news surfaced in the March 21st 2012 issue of Science Translational Medicine Journal that hair loss or androgenic alopecia may actually be linked with elevated levels of a substance known as prostaglandin D2.

If you look at all those possible underlying reasons for androgenic alopecia, in its various forms, you may notice a pattern of imbalance. Something in your body’s chemical makeup is out of whack and is causing it to see your hair as a foreign object that must be eliminated. So, in some weird twisted way, your body is causing your baldness in an effort to protect you.

And, while exterior treatments such as topical ointments and homemade concoctions may seem to help for a while, they still may be just masking a nutritional or hormonal deficiency or imbalance.

Next: Explore Nutritional Support for Androgenic Alopecia

Very rarely do you find that “magic bullet” or single “miracle pill” that will conquer all that troubles you. So while you explore your options with your medical professional, it’s smart to support the best possible outcome with really good nutritional support. This comes not only through the foods you eat, but also with the dietary supplements that you can take to give you a scientific edge to reach your goal of Hair Re-Growth.

It’s suggested to begin all serious treatments of hair loss by addressing the underlying issues and imbalances. Ask yourself:

•   Are you under an extreme amount of stress?
•   Are you eating a nutritionally balanced diet?
•   Do you take the highest grade Dietary Supplements?
•   Are your hormones in balance?
•   Have you had your blood checked for any imbalances?
•   Are you taking prescription medications that may be contributing to your hair loss?

Once you evaluate this, you can have a better plan of how to treat your hair loss. You may decide to go with a traditional treatment, hair transplants, or aromatherapy. In any case, Military Grade Nutritionals HairGain formula and other Dietary Supplements can be used to support whichever type of treatment you decide upon. Or, like some, you can try Dietary supplements on their own to discover what kind of results you experience.

You are what you eat – and if hair loss, androgenic alopecia, is actually a result of an imbalance in our bodies, then that’s good news! It’s empowering to think that we aren’t a slave to our genetics…we don’t have to lie down and accept the “fate” of baldness just because Uncle Frank or Auntie Bell are bald.

Finally: Get Active and Get Happy – Your Overall Health Demands It

Don’t fall prey to the marketing advertisers that easily make you feel less virile, less sexy, and less of anything simply because you’re losing your hair. The only thing that is “less” is the amount of hair on your head. And more and more exciting scientific research and breakthroughs are showing that we may be able to make natural, safe, and effective choices when it comes to androgenic alopecia.

Active Life Global Solutions Ltd, the developers of HairGain Formula, have formulated a new effective nutraceutical product that tackles multiple factors associated with androgenic alopecia including (but not limited to) the suppression of skin prostaglandin D2 production. Backed by European expertise and a solid sports-medicine foundation, the development team behind HairGain™ Formula is now able to bring to consumers a supplement solution that could be life-changing for many.

Visit to learn more.

The Science Behind Military Grade Nutritionals:

Active Life Global Solutions Ltd. is a unique innovative company that specializes in the study and development of cutting-edge nutritional solutions. Our clinical expertise is unparalleled in the industry: our board includes state-certified physicians, members of several European based Academies of Medical Sciences, who have an established record of developing innovative supplementation products.

Military Grade™ products were designed as a premium class product line for men that are used to dealing with extremes of our contemporary life. Stresses and combat fatigue are not only found on the forefront of combat operations, but are also common in our office jobs, daily routine, and in sporting events. Your will to be successful, to win, to achieve your goal – these are the characteristics of males that on a daily basis use Military Grade tm products.

We do understand that you might have questions with respect to our products. For these purposes we established a toll-free hotline number. Please, do not hesitate to call us at: 1-800-961-7903
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