Dental Implants Increase Patients Confidence

Dental Implants are becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment in the UK. Recently the Dental Implants Academy has developed same day dental implants which reduce patient visits and treatment time. Find out more...
By: Dental Implants Academy
dental implants uk
dental implants uk
June 25, 2012 - PRLog -- Dental implants are one of the many advances in dentistry. They are placed inside the jaws where the patients have missing teeth. Nowadays, beauty and esthetics represent major role in our lives and it gives us the confidence in everything we do. Having a beautiful smile is one of the most important beauty fetaures. People that have missing teeth, especially in the front area tend to smile less or even not smile at all. It affects their social life, they talk less, do not smile while taking pictures etc. By choosing to act in this way, people miss a lot in their lives, not being able to enjoy the moments and be truly happy. This is due to being embarassed and criticized by others. These are some of the reasons why dental implants play such an important role in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental implants can have multiple roles in the mouth since they can replace only one tooth or groups of teeth, be the support for dentures so that they can be more stable etc. Basically, since the implant itself replaces the root of the missing tooth in the bone, it represents a permanent solution. The jaw bone osseointegrates the implant and makes it stable inside the mouth. After the healing process, the crown is  placed over the implant. This is why they give security, stability, comfort and confidence during the conversation, smiling or chewing since they are stable inside the bone. Their success rate is very high and are the best option for tooth replacement.
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Unlike bridges or crowns where other healthy teeth needed to be drilled and adjusted for support, dental implants require no such procedures. If You have dentures or know someone who has them, You are probably familiar with their unstability in the mouth, especially in the lower jaw. People tend to smile less, talk less, chew with difficulty and all because of the loose and unstable dentures. Most of the people use special denture glues, but that is not a premanent or adequate solution. Dental implants can be the solution to this problem acting as support and making the dentures stable in the mouth.

Having central incisor missing is probably everyone's worst nightmare. This can happen in an accident, during the sport game or just a simple fall and hit in the front teeth can cause the tooth loss. This problem actually affects person in every possible way. Esthetics here play the biggest part. With dental implant, the missing tooth can be replaced and can be the same like other teeth present in the mouth so nobody could ever tell the difference or be aware that You have an implant. This will bring back security and confidence to smile and do every day activities with no problems.
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Because of everything mentioned, dental implants represent a revolution in cosmetic dentistry as it gives a permanent and suitable solution to enjoy life every day with beautiful and confident smile.

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