Silver Dollar Values Prices Skyrocketing $50+ While Foreign Governments Lap Up Cheap Gold Bullion

Huge buying of gold by investors is a perfect illustration of an age-old principal: When paper is dying, you retreat into “money insurance” like gold and silver and wait out the storms. Gold is history’s eternal and safest form of cash. Read...
By: John Bear
June 20, 2012 - PRLog -- There's a fundamentally new financial reality of gold and silver coming into view on the globe stage, and it is evolving rapidly and exponentially. In reality we're witnessing and experiencing the biggest monetary and social paradigm shift the world has ever seen, and it is real and accurate and can't be stopped. Learn more right here at

We think the evidence is overwhelming for owning gold and silver now. The US Dollar Method is undergoing a monumental and dramatic alter now. It's crucially essential we think about our current best choices and start to take prudent, reasonable, and responsible action to preserve our welfare and viability.

My greatest wish is this gold and silver info acts as a jumping off point for your voyage of discovery of the plain truth at this incredible time in history. I believe we're now called upon to intelligently participate with our future. It's in that spirit that I invite you to adhere to your gut instinct for the truth and to continue until you are totally happy using the answer, and also the course of action, you're looking for.

Focus and interest are your best tools right now. Follow the cash to gold and silver. Examine the decisions and actions of the major monetary players of the world and you will discover how they are preparing and positioning themselves for what's a extremely probable (if not mathematically certain) outcome. In other words, follow their money so you can discover how to protect your cash (really, “purchasing power”).

Buying power is being repositioned into conventional and confirmed stores of worth, gold, otherwise known as “hard asset money.” That is because gold isn't granted value or buying power by any government, regime, or currency scheme. Gold is its personal intrinsic worth and consequently stands apart and is independent of the fiat (intrinsically valueless) dollar.

Everybody in the world is forced to buy their oil in US Dollars. Those dollars are losing the last of their purchasing power, which means everybody else in the globe is paying for our inflation. It’s been a long time since the US Dollar became the world reserve currency, the Petro Dollar, in 1944. Back then our money was backed by gold and we had been the strongest and most industrialized creditor nation on Earth.

China has been our banker issuing credit by buying our Treasuries and funding our way of life and our Dollar dominance for a long time. These days are over. Who will buy our debt now? Why, the Federal Reserve will. That is right, the Fed will invent printed paper cash out of thin air to buy and support our exponential debt needs. And that is a one-way ticket to massive inflation and/or hyperinflation. CLICK HERE NOW for Free Tracfone Cell Phones

Huge buying of gold by investors is a perfect illustration of an age-old principal: When paper is dying, you retreat into “money insurance” like gold and silver and wait out the storm. It's as easy, easy, and intuitive as that. Gold is history’s eternal and safest form of cash.

The future of the global economy is in the East. Rather than multiple-trillion dollar debts, China, Russia, and India have currency reserves. These governments are slowly moving their reserves from fiat currencies like the dollar to more stable stores of worth like gold. This is a clear sign that self-confidence is waning in the US government’s capability to pay off debt. They're, in essence, shorting the US economic climate and exploring other stores of value besides the dollar.

Americans should prepared themselves for a huge devaluation in the dollar as international
investors dump their U.S. assets. Relying on the kindness of foreigners to finance our regular of living is about to be revealed as irresponsible folly. The assumption in contemporary economics that U.S. government bonds are practically risk-free investments will soon be relegated to myth as investors shed patience with the world’s biggest economic climate.

With the U.S. government attempting to inflate its way out of debt by electronically creating whatever cash is essential to pay the bills undermines the value of the national currency. U.S. government bondholders run the danger of being paid back in worthless dollars. Of course, any Americans who have savings will see the purchasing power of their dollars plummet as well.

The monetary function of gold that has been established and manifested over the past centuries is currently being re-discovered. For centuries, gold has represented consistency of worth, independence, and stability. Gold is the only asset that's not according to a contractual agreement between a creditor along with a debtor. It is the only supranational, internationally accepted means of payment, and has survived every war and every national bankruptcy. This has yet been proven once more amid the present turmoil, and we expect this tendency to last throughout at least the coming 5 years.
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