While Spain's Unemployment Rate Hits 20% Some People Are Making 2% Return Daily

It has been recently announced that Spain's Unemployment Rate is now 20% and predicted to rise. People are forced to migrate in search of employment. While some people have been studying for a JOB opportunity others are making 2% each and every day.
June 10, 2012 - PRLog -- It has been recently announced that Spain's Unemployment Rate is now 20% and predicted to rise. Will Spain be following Greece's footsteps? This current generation of graduates are being called the best educated. Well educated people are now being forced to migrate in search of employment. In the meantime while some people have been studying for years just to get a job opportunity others are making 2% each and every day.

Why is it that even after all the recent publicity around Occupy Wall Street, all the economic turmoil and the persecution of the truth bearers are people still lining up for the institutional firing line called a JOB – Just Over Broke. Isn't it time that people realized that you do not need to destroy the system or institutions but create your own in parallel. Make it sustainable using new paradigms that empower and create more opportunity to create, grow and enjoy life. We are the creators of our own reality and we need to lead by example rather than criticism. Otherwise, you will remain a victim of circumstance and give your true power away.

Did you know that the women's liberation movement for example was funded by the institutions that we so readily criticize? Most people don’t realize that they did so in order to not only give the female population what they believed they wanted but also to double the taxable income. Not only did this contribute to destroying the family unit but also created an environment where children could be sent earlier to schools and to inevitably become full time tax payers.

I know I am painting this in quite a dim light but the truth is that we need to learn what the other people are doing. The minority make up these institutions. These few people are not necessarily following the crowd but many are able to enjoy their weekdays whenever they please while making income and returns that most only dream about. These people have what some refer to as having old or new money but most of them make their dividends through property, investments and businesses. Currently the fastest growing industry is self-funded education and online revenue sources.

They say that nothing is a secret to the open mind but most people are conditioned to believe what they are told. Unfortunately, the only thing that they know how to do is to retaliate and not participate.  The difference between where you are and where you want to be is the right question. Imagine if you could meet a successful person and have an opportunity to ask them, “How can I learn what you do?” It saddens me to notice how little this question is asked even if you know them personally. We are about to let you in on a secret that when you set it up within a matter of a few hours you will be astounded at what you can achieve. Did you know that many online businesses are not able to sustain themselves without an alternative revenue source?

Most people don't know how an internet business operates or generates income. As you may know that the most common form of revenue is selling, promoting and advertising but did you know that the majority of this exchange is for other people’s products and services. This joint partnership is also known as affiliation which is an adaptation of the multi-level marketing model but with only 1 to 2 tiers. Some do better than others but many find it hard to compete with Google, eBay, PayPal and the Facebook's of this world. It is no surprise that Facebook was worth many billions of dollars when it was listed. The revenue these guys make on advertising revenue alone is unbelievable but true.

So, the only way for the little guy to get their cut has been to promote their website and offers is through joint partnership with these big guns. Some of the over ambitious partners take advantage of a byproduct of this capitalist based system that allows companies to sell other peoples email addresses and solicit non consenting public even if it is a legitimate product and services. As a result the actual legitimate website gets spammed. This I know firsthand as do most people online that this is a common issue and in some instances is a threat to our security.

One such service is considered to be the Rolls Royce of passive online incomes systems and it is called Just Get Paid and at first glance it may look difficult to believe but it was created by a mathematical genius who has now patented his intellectual knowledge. He even offers anyone that can prove that it cannot be indefinitely sustainable a $1 million dollar prize. This system has been targeted to already proficient internet savvy business people due to the cash flow and also the distribution income potential through affiliation. Fortunately for you that over time he has now developed a 12 step video tutorial series to help accelerate your success.

Once you do complete the registration process within 24 hours you will be on your way to earning a minimum of 2% per day indefinitely. In fact, since this system is so unique and would be met by a lot of skepticism, the developer has decided to give you a small deposit once you complete the registration to allow you prove it to yourself. With over 1 million subscribers and growing daily, Just Get Paid is going to change the way you think, work and live.

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