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Cleveland art Studios is growing, and Negative Space is expanding with artists such as Gadi Zamir, Jose Vasquez, Arthur Berg, Matthew Richards, Ann Epstein, and more. Negative Space is located at. 3820 Superior Ave., Cleveland OH 44114.
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June 5, 2012 - PRLog -- One can only appreciate such intricate art only in person, and I found myself beyond amazed and excited as well, trust me, you will be amazed too! Stop on in, the atmosphere is amazing!  Negative Space Studio & Art Gallery is located  on the 2nd Floor, at. 3820 Superior Ave., Cleveland OH 44114.
Gazdi Zamir - Woodburingart from recycled wood, acrylic art, canvas, painting
Jose Vasquez - Cardioart, Guitarmainia
Arthur Berg - acrylic art, Veterans of Military art, Cleveland City art,
Ann Epstein - art collage, from the pages ofNational Geographic Magazine pieces
The Artists work on display offer their bio.

Gadi Zamir's:
work on wood are created using a combination of woodburning, stains, other finishes, and applied materials such as metals, stones, gold leaf, cloth, and other recycled objects. Gadi forms his images around the grain found naturally in the wood and uses different techniques to complete his ideas. His newest work is done primarily on plywood originally used for boarding up old buildings and vacant properties, a process he calls "turning buildings inside out."
Each piece is distinguished by the individual characteristics of each piece of wood. The final works are the outcome of an exploration of new media and an incorporation of a lifetime of art making and the reflect a passion for the forces of life and nature that surround us. Gadi enjoys creating new pieces and discovery in the hidden beauty in wood grain and other objects.

Jose Vasquez:
In 1996, José was employed by Albany Medical Center as a Monitor Technician where he began learning about cardiac related issues and the rhythms of the heart. While at work one day several years later, a patient whose rhythms became critical inspired Jose to create a drawing using electro-cardiographic rhythms for the lines. His first creation brought some enthusiastic comments from his co-workers; it was a heart with a series of heads each one smaller than the other in a sequential manner indicating full life to a 'slow death' this being the name of the picture. This drawing quickly became a favorite and earned it's place on T-shirts that were made available to the public.
Those lines have become his trademark.
Artistic painting had been a long-desired dream for José.
The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and the Heart Center of Cleveland Clinic both served as his inspiration in his current theme of rhythmic guitars. is an exciting line of rhythms of the heart mixed with contemporary styles and designs. JoseV's inspiration came from his line of work as a Telemetry Technician, the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, and the Heart Center of the Cleveland Clinic.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Ann Epstein - National Geographic - Collage art
  I have always felt a creative flare inside me and it has pushed me to experiment with clay, stained glass, hot glass, fabric, watercolors and acrylic. It is only with my recent stumble upon collage work that I have experienced such intense feelings of escape and release while working. The escape is allowing myself the time to sit, clear all the swirling thoughts from my head, and contemplate basic things such as colors and lines. There is also something serene about the repetitive cutting, ripping, and flipping through pages of magazine photos. I peel away layers of someone else’s vision, and place them back together in a way that expresses more of my internal reaction to the colors and lines I see every day.
   Most of my collage work is inspired by what the natural world has to offer. This has much to do with my material of choice, National Geographic Magazine. I always felt a compulsion to cut out the interesting photos while growing up, but was never allowed to destroy the household collection. It has taken me some time to feel comfortable tearing these images apart and also allowing the pieces that fall to the ground to stay there.
For me right now, it is all about the process.- Ann Epstein

Artur Berg
As a child, as soon as Artur was able to hold a crayon in his little fingers, it was evident that this little boy possessed  tremendous artistic abilities.  Every scrap of paper he could get his hands on was covered with sketches and drawings.  At the age of 5 he won a prize in a drawing contest in Krakow where he was born.  From that time on, for every contest he entered, he received prizes and  honors for his work.

It’s hard to say where talent comes from.  Is it genetic?  If so, he inherited his abilities from his father who also has tremendous artistic talents.  Was it from being taught well by his teachers who saw the little boy’s potential?  Or, perhaps it came from the very artistic, aesthetic and exciting atmosphere that has always permeated the city of Krakow.  Quite likely it was a combination of all three of these factors.

Artur’s successes are also due in large part to the huge amount of time and effort he has committed to perfecting his skills in order to realize his abilities and potential, fostering his  love and appreciation for artistic expression.  In June 2003, he graduated from Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Lakewood with honors.  We can enjoy his many works by attending gallery shows where he periodically exhibits works done in the various media he enjoys working in:  acrylics, water colors and ink.

Another area of Mr. Berg’s creative output  is the collection of  portraits he has done.  I was able to see a few of these at the studio and they are truly outstanding.  Before starting a portrait, the artist takes several photographs of his subject, eliminating the need to sit for the portrait.  He selects the picture that is the best characterization, looking  not only for the greatest likeness of that individual, but also for that certain something that makes the subject uniquely who he or she is.  It could be a certain way of smiling, hair tossed to the side, a gesture, a certain expression of the mouth or eyes.  Before he commits any paint to the canvas he has studied all of these aspects  and selected  the appropriate background for the portrait – something that suits the subject. Mr. Berg’s favorite colors are pastels – pinks, mauve, violets, purples.  This combination of colors is really quite dramatic and dynamic.  It looks stunning in almost any setting  from a traditionally decorated home to a very modern one.

Mr. Berg also has in his portfolio, abstracts and classical works, as well as collage-like works of the two styles put together.  The many subjects and themes that he covers in his work belie a restless, creative spirit always in search of subjects, themes, styles and forms.  This is the characteristic of the true artistic spirit.

In a interview with Mr. Berg on June 3, 2012, I noticed his passion for his art, his concern, care, heart to heart interest. His latest works involve Veterans of the Military artwork, very inspirational and moving!

Black & White Cafe  open Thurs-Sun 10am - 6pm.
Open later for scheduled events.
A comfortable gathering place for artists, musicians, poets, writers, thinkers and coffee drinkers.
A place for sharing sounds, ideas and visions over coffee, tea and tasty treats.
Montlhy Featured Artists and Guest Artists, Open Mic Nights, Group Meetings and More.
Open Mic Night - last Saturday of every month from 6pm - 10pm, music, poetry, song, peace, serenity, conversation, coffeee, and more!


Michael Cmarik -
Michael joined Gadi as a business partner in late 2011 to open the new Black and White Cafe presented by Negative Spcce.  While you can easily enjoy Michael's photography and poetry on the walls and counters, he is also a closet comedian and you may find him on stage during our monthly Open Mic Night on the last Saturday of each month. Michael helped design and organize the new multi-use and performance space which hosts a wide variety of local talent regularly.  

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