Offshore Graphic Design Services a Solution to Costs?

The global economy is hurting, your business must lower costs, what is a solution? Using a skilled graphic designer from abroad! Monica Hoggard is a alumni from one of the best graphic design schools "SCAD" and at your service from a foreign economy.
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May 17, 2012 - PRLog -- When it comes down to a macro economical crisis, companies tend to find ways to cut of expenses. Sometimes they decide to go the painful way and fire one or various workers. Why not outsource labor from other countries?  The future of business is today, business is the internet, today we live in the era of information, the internet has the information you need and it is the information about graphic design services you can find.

Is your graphic design source too expensive? Your base graphic designer asked you for a raise? Why not searching and hiring a skilled bilingual graphic designer in another country for less?

What are the limits of graphic design services when there is the Internet? None...

The use of online tools reduces the limitations for companies to reach out for skilled labor in other countries. While the United Estates, Spain and other countries pay high taxes and high labor costs, other countries with a US dollar based economy are still functioning and lower costs. This means that a worker can perform a first world quality job at a lower cost.

You can now hire a graphic design service provider (Monica Hoggard) graduated from USA's Savannah College of Art and Design living in the Republic of Panama, Central America. Her graphic design operations are based off a democratic stable country that is growing at 11% rate and its main currency is the US dollar. Moreover, the Panamanian banking system is linked to the US banking facilities making it easy and trustworthy. In order to understand Monica's modern business systems we asked her to explain:

Phone calls: I use "SKYPE" to speak to clients around the globe on a daily basis and follow up with worldwide graphic design services. This is FREE for my client and for me, we can even look at each other's faces and do group conference calls.

Data Sharing: I use " Google for Business" , this allows me to share all types of flies (pdf, ppt, xls, word, videos, etc) and even share my working schedule / updates / followups with my clients.

Payments: Since the Republic of Panama has the 2nd largest banking center of the world I can receive payments in all currencies from any part of the world. Most clients make these payments via web as well using their online banking service.

According to Monica, living in the tropics makes it easier when it comes down to inspiration and focus. She believes that most graphic design services online might work too fast delivering lower quality designs. Monica will say "they spend zero to little time studying the competition". Before starting her graphic design she will spend some time looking at the competition via web and balance out pro's and con's on their design to find out what is best for her client.  According to Monica, the process of inspiration should not be immediate as it should be well digested in order to deliver a top notch service.

Her graphic design studio offers: corporate identity development, stationary design, logos, presentation card design, branding guideline book design and more.

Learn more about Monica Hoggard's graphic design services at

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