High Profile Investigator Responds to Critics

Kirk Menard, Managing Partner of Advanced Investigative Technologies, LLC has been subject to one or two critics regarding the high profile investigation of the Jefferson Davis Parish Murders. He responds.
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May 15, 2012 - PRLog -- Kirk Menard, Managing Partner of Advanced Investigative Technologies, LLC has been retained by some family members to conduct an investigation into the Jefferson Davis Parish homicides in Jennings, Louisiana. In such a high profile case, any person will not be subject to criticism. I've interviewed Kirk Menard and this is what he has to say about the his critics.

Jason: Hi Kirk. I understand that you have some critics (one or two) that posted something on a website regarding your investigation into the Jennings, Louisiana unsolved homicides?

Kirk: Yes, and you know what, we basically laugh at such a situation. You can't be in this type of investigation and not have critics.

Jason: Do you know who the online hecklers are or have they been identified?

Kirk: Yes, the Department of Justice have identified them. We've filed a complaint with the DOJ for cyber-terrorism and it is now in their hands and I've received a phone call last week from the special agent in charge and he advised me that he has identified the online hecklers and it was exactly who we thought it was.

Jason: Have these online hecklers harmed you any, or your business?

Kirk: Not at all. As I stated before, we laugh at such a situation. I've showed the articles to our employees, attorneys, and even clients and they state that the individual that drafted the article is so belligerent and foul mouthed that nobody would take them seriously.

Jason: Kirk, what made you decide to involve the DOJ into this situation?

Kirk: This is a homicide investigation and one of the individuals that reside in Vinton, Louisiana claims to have information regarding the homicides and have not reported any of the information to law enforcement. That constitutes Obstruction of Justice and the other person, that owns a blog related to the homicides allows her to post information relating to the homicides and she can be guilty by association or collusion as the law states of withholding information.

Jason: This blog that you speak of, was this information posted on the internet?

Kirk: Yes it was an open forum where the general public had access to it. I've ran complete backgrounds on both individuals and submitted it to the Department of Justice and the Special Agent In Charge.

Jason: Do you have a contact or someone in law enforcement that you report your information to?

Kirk: Yes I do and he is the head of the task force. I also maintain a database of the reports and information that I submit to him.

Jason: I've looked at the website that was written about you by the online hecklers. I agree that it's belligerent and unintelligent at best. I've also noticed that they've written an article about the Assistant Chief of Police in Jennings, Louisiana. Is he aware of this website?

Kirk: Yes, I've submitted him the link and it is also in his hands. He basically laughed about it too. It's nothing we take serious. It's two women that have nothing better to do so its nothing. We've basically involved the Department of Justice for non-reporting and for threats they've made.

Jason: Kirk, in my previous interview with you, I spoken to several of your clients that have total confidence and believe in your abilities and you've declined that interview with me.

Kirk: Well Jason I was accused of being a media hound and it's not about that. These families need a voice and if your article had been about the unsolved homicides then I would have accepted your interview.

Jason: I see. You still conduct investigations for several attorneys, do you not?

Kirk: Yes, we have over 65 attorneys and law firms that we have contracts with they have been with our agency since our inception.

Jason: These online hecklers, what do you see them as?

Kirk: Please explain.

Jason: I mean, what's their purpose or motive for heckling, I know its only two women but still the same?

Kirk: I believe that they think I've exposed them when that really wasn't the case but I'm just like whatever, believe what you want. It doesn't matter to me, its not a popularity contest, its a murder investigation and I will do my job accordingly.

Jason: I've noticed on the Danny Semmes commentary from the online hecklers that they state he previously worked for the FBI, is that true?

Kirk: That is completely false. Danny Semmes has never been employed with the FBI. I don't believe he would leave a federal job for the City of Jennings. Danny is the only person that has made an arrest in these homicides. Another part of that article states that Danny is in "cahoots" with Ricky Edwards, the sheriff, and that is another false statement. Danny and Ricky do not get along too well. Just goes to show that these two hecklers really haven't researched their facts.

Jason: So in essence, regardless of two critics that are not credible, its business as usual for you and your agency?

Kirk: Correct Jason. In any occupation you will have critics, especially in high profile cases such as the unsolved homicides but as I said before, I don't let anything bother me. My client's know me better than anyone and they are still my clients and we will continue to conduct business as usual. These two hecklers are delusional, false, are exposing themselves because it is now in the hands of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Jason: The hecklers also mentioned something about a Jasmine that used to work for you.

Kirk: That is false as well. I would suggest they do more research. They are wanna-be investigators with no credentials. Basically, big mouths with no rhyme or reason for anything so its nothing, I don't even look at the site where they've posted anymore, I put it squarely in the hands of the FBI and Department of Justice.

Jason: Kirk, from the people I've interviewed about you, you integrity and honesty speaks for itself. You do a lot of good in your occupation and I hope that you never let anything prevent you from continuing your excellent work.

Kirk: Thanks Jason. Nobody can take away my honesty and integrity and I will continue doing my work as usual. I especially won't allow two female online hecklers get me down (laugh) and as I stated before, I don't take the site seriously and I don't read it and I left it in the hands of the FBI and Department of Justice.

Jason: Kirk thanks for the interview and continue your excellent work.

Kirk: Thanks Jason.
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