Lighting Control Facilities & Applications

More Control has provided a range of lighting control systems to control the lighting and power monitoring at various facilities.
By: More Control
May 15, 2012 - PRLog -- In both commercial industry and private buildings, regulations for energy use and the need for accurate power monitoring are increasing. With the progressive rise in energy costs, there is also a growing market need to accurately monitor energy use and consumption to ensure that all building resources run as efficiently as possible.

Working in partnership with More Solutions, More Control lighting control facilities offer the ability to accurately section facilities depending on their use; program the lighting for those sections and provide the option to monitor the power consumption at the same time.

This lighting control system provides accurate power consumption figures for large facilities that can then apportion power use accordingly and take any appropriate action to save energy and cut running costs down.

Automotive Technology Centre: Lighting Control System

By using a Clipsal C-Bus network installation for the lighting, allowed for each area of a large prestigious technology centre and car plant to be divided into separate manageable control areas.

By dividing the facility into sections ensured a degree of flexibility over the buildings control and power use. The lighting control system installed would then isolate faults and aid in fault diagnosis of the facility. The lighting control system would also enable new units to be added and the specification changes to be made without expensive and time consuming system re-configuration and with minimal and often no changes to the cabling.

The lighting control application ensured that the facility would be optimised for its lighting use and reduced the overall energy costs drastically.

If you have a lighting control system that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us and one of our technical engineers will provide a consultation to determine the ideal lighting control system suitable for your resource needs.

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