Healing Dives Announces Upgrades to Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Healing Dives, Inc., an international distributor of portable hyperbaric chambers, recently added a sound system and internal pressure gauge to their 60" Vertical portable hyperbaric chamber, enhancing your hyperbaric oxygen therapy experience.
60" Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber
60" Vertical Portable Hyperbaric Chamber
May 15, 2012 - PRLog -- Woodland Hills, Calif. - For disabled, comatose, and mobility challenged individuals, getting into and out of a standard portable hyperbaric chamber is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Claustrophobic people will rarely lie down inside of a horizontal portable hyperbaric chamber, but they have no problem sitting down inside of a vertical chamber.  As a result, the 60” Vertical portable hyperbaric chamber from Healing Dives has enabled greater numbers of people to have access to the healing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  

The 60” Vertical Chamber is the only vertical portable hyperbaric chamber currently on the market.  This spacious chamber is light, bright, quiet, and extremely easy to assemble and to operate.  The chamber is 60 inches in diameter at the base, 36 inches in diameter at the top, 6 feet tall, and pressurizes to 1.3 ATA (atmospheres of pressure) or 4 psi.  It includes both an interior and an exterior pressure gauge so you can monitor the pressure from both inside and outside of the chamber, which is especially useful for people who utilize the chamber by themselves. The interior sound system enables to you to listen to music via an MP3 player or a computer during your hyperbaric therapy sessions.

“This vertical chamber is large enough to accommodate two adults sitting on chairs or beanbag chairs or one adult sitting in a recliner chair or a wheelchair. For those who want to work inside the chamber, it is large enough to hold a table and office chair.  The chamber is made of white double urethane coated nylon, so the chamber interior is incredibly bright.   The chamber comes equipped with two super quiet compressors, and it pressurizes and depressurizes with the touch of a button for added convenience.  The chamber is extremely easy to use for self-treatments.  The side entry is easier for people with limited mobility” said Diane N. Pechenick, president of Healing Dives.

The 60” Vertical Chamber from Healing Dives is cleared by the FDA for home and office use.  This chamber is manufactured by one of the world’s leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers.  Financing and leasing are available for no money down, with 0% interest for up to 21 months and low monthly payments.  This chamber can be shipped internationally.  It is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 7-day money-back guarantee, with an optional extended warranty of up to 5 years.  For photos and additional information on this chamber, visit Healing Dives.  

In addition to the 60” Vertical Chamber, Healing Dives carries four affordably priced portable hyperbaric chambers. The 23” Chamber can accommodate an adult.  The 28” Chamber and the 28” Military Chamber can accommodate an adult and a child.  The 40” Chamber can accommodate two adults.  For a video demo of the chambers, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w9gLSH0AYE

According to Diane N. Pechenick, president of Healing Dives, “The 23” Chamber appeals to budget conscious customers.  The 28” Chamber is popular with families with young children. The 60” Vertical Chamber and the 40” Chamber are in great demand by medical professionals, hyperbaric clinics, health spas, and training facilities, as they are significantly larger and far less claustrophobic than any other portable hyperbaric chambers on the market.” Healing Dives also carries a wide range of hyperbaric accessories for both consumer and professional use.  

All of the chambers sold by Healing Dives are cleared by the FDA, and they are manufactured to the highest safety standards.  They are priced at 35% - 50% below that of the competition.  With its wide variety of affordably priced hyperbaric chambers and hyperbaric accessories, Healing Dives is well positioned to remain a dominant player in the rapidly growing portable hyperbaric chamber market.


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