SAXX’s Hi-Tech Comfort-Pouch Revolutionizes Boxer Briefs. Comfort Is Unrivaled. Annoyances, Vanish

Despite a near-identical exterior, SAXX is the most revolutionary make-over in boxer-briefs, ever. Thanks to its hi-tech, ergo-engineered "Comfort Pouch," a hammock-like support pocket, comfort and cooling are unrivaled. Most skin irritations vanish.
By: Stinson/R. ELy & Partners
May 8, 2012 - PRLog -- Vancouver, BC. April 8, 2012. ‘Til SAXX Underwear popped-up on the hi-fashion radar, the design of men’s skivvies hadn’t changed much in the last 75-years.

But every once in a while, an all-new, technological breakthrough comes along that’s so revolutionary it catapults an entire product category out of its horse-and-buggy stage and into its space age. Therein the saga of SAXX Underwear, an upstart Canadian company whose technological breakthrough has turned the underwear industry inside-out and completely re-jiggered the taken-for-granted design of men’s boxer briefs.

Despite an exterior design that’s near-identical to traditional boxer briefs, SAXX is the most revolutionary make-over in men’s underwear since 1934, the year briefs made their traffic-stopping debut in a Michigan Avenue-facing window of Chicago’s Marshall Fields. In the nearly 80-years since, the design of men’s briefs hasn’t changed significantly.
SAXX – thanks to an ingeniously designed, hammock-like inner pouch – is proof that a simple inspiration of genius can spark a quantum leap ahead that then catapults an entire genre into its space age.

SAXX’s own genesis – born from underwear’s annoying discomfort – also proves that necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention. And that great gifts do, indeed, come in small packages. Or in this case, SAXX.

In brief, SAXX is a problem solving, super action hero that has eliminated nearly all the faults and flaws of traditional boxer briefs.

Here’s what SAXX does, what SAXX doesn’t do, along with the how-and-why its one-of-a-kind, ergonomically engineered interior "comfort pouch" works its magic. For starters, SAXX delivers a level of comfort that’s unrivaled. Counting 13 different silhouettes and styles, every pair of SAXX is cooler and delivers far more protection from contact maladies. Chafing, nagging rashes and aggravating skin irritations suddenly disappear, or are dramatically reduced. Even troublesome ingrown hairs, and their threat of infection, along with the sudden, painful twinge of pinched skin and other annoying discomforts, instantly vanish.

Secret to SAXX’s magic is an ergonomically engineered, never-before-seen, ventilating mesh interior pouch that ingeniously eliminates leg contact. Visualize this: Hammock-like support pocket – a suspension bridge of sorts -- built into your boxer-briefs that lifts and supports while it protects. Knit from "smart fibers" that are both hygroscopic and thermal-reactive, its ingeniously designed architecture doubles as a thermo-regulator. Body heat zips away, helping keep the body cucumber-cool and at peak-performance, whether its summer’s hottest day or the heated contest of competitive sport. Bacteria and fungus producing perspiration, too, are wicked away at record speeds, helping eliminate everything from "jock itch" to embarrassing body odor, and everything in between.

Underwear, if you stop and think, is one of fashion’s most unique curiosities, if not its oddest paradox.  Unlike color and design driven fashion, underwear is first and foremost, utilitarian and pragmatic. On the other hand, today’s underwear is now, more-and-more, a style driven fashion statement. Today, underwear has to be a hi-performing sports action hero and, at the same time, ooze gobs of sex appeal and he-man charisma. Therein the challenge that SAXX answers handsomely and with unrivaled aplomb.

No one-trick pony, Saxx touts four fashion colors and gobs of he-hunk sex appeal throughout its 13 different styles and silhouettes that includes trunks and mid-thigh boxer briefs to knee skimming "long legs" and sports performance long johns. All are hi-fashion, sports brutes boasting a never-before-experienced level of comfort.

About SAXX Underwear: Founded in 2005 by Trent Kitsch, SAXX’s ergonomically engineered design -- still light-years ahead of even today’s most technically advanced underwear -- was created from a single, simple design mission: End the annoying discomforts of men’s underwear and dramatically elevate its comfort level.

In 2006, the twentysomething Kitsch debuted SAXX at his University cafeteria, selling all 200 prototypes in a matter of minutes to fellow students.

Kitsch’s inspiration was born from the rash and discomforting skin irritations he experienced wearing a survival suit, round the clock, on a three-day fishing trip off Alaska’s coast. Once home, he assembled a small design team and created the hi-tech concept that rocketed SAXX to the forefront and comfort-leadership of men’s underwear: A patented, ergonomically engineered "comfort pouch" touting two, parallel and adjoining mesh panels stealthily tucked inside a traditional looking boxer brief. An ingeniously designed, hammock-like suspension bridge, of sorts, SAXX’s patented comfort pouch delivers a bevy of comfort and health-promoting advantages that handily trump any-and-all of today’s underwear designs.

For starters, it lifts and supports. But more importantly, it eliminates skin abrasions, heat rashes, chafing and a myriad of other sweat and heat caused skin irritations by separating and preventing contact between the inner-thighs and testicles. At the same time, its mesh panels deliver cooling comfort and odor-thwarting ventilation.

Knit from "smart fibers," SAXX is both hygroscopic and thermal-reactive. Translation is that body heat zips away, helping keep the body cucumber-cool and at peak-performance. Bacteria and fungus producing perspiration, too, are wicked away at record speeds, which helps eliminate "jock itch" to embarrassing body odor, and everything in between.

Today, SAXX Underwear Company touts 13 different styles and silhouettes in its product array, ranging from classic boxer brief to trunks, knee length long legs and sports-geared long-johns. Sold in over 500 men’s specialty and luxury retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, including Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom stores, retail prices range from $24.95 for trunks and boxer briefs to $57.95 for SAXX sports-performance LongJohns.

Still privately held and based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, SAXX Underwear Company is headquartered at 68 West 5th Avenue. Zip code is V5Y 1H6. Telephone for corporate offices is 888.409.7299. Fax is 888.401.7299. Website is

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