Token Whites In Corporate America?

A recentCNN Blockbuster report shone the light on token whites paid to represent Chinese companies but what about the rest of the world? Mic Theory reports on this strange business tactic.
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May 3, 2012 - PRLog -- American Caucasians seem to be panicked by the latest census polls that revealed the white population in America is now 63% white non Hispanic couple that with a recent report that the Tea Party is hiring Jews ,Blacks and Hispanics to appear at their meetings of course this talk of diversification is all about perception rather than reality. A necessity so it won’t seem they are a racist organization and this skewed reality gives us all some pretty strange things to ponder. How is white America dealing with the fact that the world is changing and diversification is no longer a dream held by an enlightened few but the course our future seems to be headed? Even now in corporate America there is a new movement known as "White Guy Window Dressing also known as "The Token White Guy Gig" or even a "Face Job."
Of course if you have read a recent report by CNN and an even more in depth report by  Huffington Post you would know that these are terms used to describe a practice by Asian firms, who pay high prices for white folks to pretend to be employees and white-collar business partners in an effort to get contracts from other businesses.
Most of these “employees” are down on their luck teachers or actors just trying to make a quick buck.
For the business it doesn’t even matter if they speak the language in fact they are encouraged to pretend they cannot speak the language so that an interpreter can be utilized to make it appear they are
corporate “bigwigs”. Currently in China, Thailand, Korea and Japan white people can be rented for up to a month as a fake employee. It works because in most of the world people believe white people are well off obviously they have never visited Mississippi or Vermont. So the best way to dress to impress is to pull out your white faced suit or should I say rent one. There have even been reports of actors impersonating corporate CEO’s to gain business one such actor reported he flew to a province in Henan China with Russian swimsuit models and delivered a speech with the Mayor of the town for a Grand opening of a Jewelry chain. What are the requirements for the job? Be white.
"Companies want a foreign face to go to meetings and conferences or to go to dinners and lunches and smile at the clients and shake people's hands," read an ad posted by a company called “Rent A GwaioLo” (“foreigner") on the online classified site But is this trend only for whites?
Not in Japan, it seems that in Japan Black Americans are just as popular since they devour Hip Hop music fashion and Reggae. At many of the Hip Hop themed stores which sell jewelry and CD’s Africans are hired to stand around in stores wearing Hip Hop clothes pretending to be American rappers their job is just to be visible which is a far cry from white American retailers who usually try to get rid of people dressed in hip hop regalia as fast as possible. White women are also popular and usually hired to pose as foreign girlfriends.

Many who hire themselves out as fake CEO’s in Thailand are also actors and models or unemployed living in Thailand and down on their luck. Thailand is well known for placing white temps in offices of certain companies to give the company that 'upscale' air, or being the token white person modeling for magazines and fashion shows. White people are also hired in Thailand to be the 'white faced greeters to business openings or special events. The fee for this service ranges from $50 US to $100.00 a day.
This practice has even spread to Singapore and India where employers would have you believe it's an 'honor' to be working for them and use white skin to make their company look impressive. In Asia the largest selling cosmetics to the tune of 3 billion in sales annually is skin lighteners and although they prize light skin none are particularly fond of Caucasians whom they deem uncultured and of low importance the fact is they like white people because they assume all of them have money!  So what is prized is an association with someone rich.
White America is reeling as the world becomes smaller and no longer is white privilege a given corporate America is treating white middle class Americans like white middle class Americans have treated people of color. Not only that but corporate America tells those deluded supporters of their own economic demise that affirmative action is to blame for corporations giving their jobs to other countries and utilizing tax loopholes and bought politicians. So where are we headed in America?
First it may be necessary to look at some facts such as   affirmative action is voluntary except in cases where there is a proven track record of discrimination. It was started as the only way to fast track certain groups to help provide them the opportunities they were historically denied. Now since the majority of Blacks moved away from rural areas and into cities when Republican policies afflict the nation they are not as damaged as their suburban and rural predominantly white counterparts in fact because of years of disenfranchisement from American society Republican policies actually bring economic gains to many people of color who buy up foreclosed properties and businesses. Especially those people with economic ties outside of the US they can rely on for investment purposes.
White racism in America is the biggest detriment to white people because it won’t allow them to choose a party that has their own best interests at heart for fear that party will help improve the quality of life of a person of color. It is the ultimate irony. In the future we may see African American, Hispanic and Asian companies hiring token whites to make business deals in this country. Oops wait a sec, I think Oprah does that now, isn’t that why they call her network OWN?
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