Domestic Violence Against Men – Why we oppose VAWA

People have been asking, why I am not in favor of this bill. The reason that I am opposed to this bill is because I think that men should have equal protections against domestic violence.
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April 30, 2012 - PRLog -- If you have been reading the news lately you will see a lot of debate of the VAWA. People have been asking me, why I am not in favor of this bill. Well it's not because I think that domestic violence is ok. The reason that I am opposed to this bill is because I think that men should have equal protections against domestic violence.

I am in the state of Vermont where this bill originated by Senator Patrick Leahy and Co-Sponsered by Senator Bernie Sanders . "My Opinion on this bill based, on what I have seen here in Vermont, is that its sole purpose is to supply jobs to the department of corrections. Being that there is no treatment for women who are abusers here; you will see that many men get charged with domestic violence when they are the ones who were abused." Says John Anderson "If someone assaults you and you are a man, chances are you are going to be charged. However, this isn't a surprise to anyone because this creates jobs for the courts, correctional departments and treatment providers. Only they have to ruin 30 lives to produce one job that probably doesn't pay so hot"

Maybe it is time to turn back the clock on these domestic violence laws. As with no-drop prosecutions and mandatory arrest laws it's counterproductive. There are too many women abusing these laws, being that our legal system is based on the spoken word. I am sure that there are many men out there who can say that they have been blackmailed because of these laws. Many women I have met will say flat out "Either you do this or that, or I will say you hit me" if that doesn't work than they will begin assaulting you, than when they force you to protect yourself they make an accusation of domestic violence.

I don't feel that I am exposing anything here that people don't know. I just want to be the person who can say that I identified an issue and made the people aware of it. As I firm believer that, yes you are most likely to be murdered by a domestic partner, yes domestic violence is unacceptable, yes it needs to be dealt with aggressively. However, I also think that men need to have the same protections as women have in regards to domestic violence issues.

"I've heard authority figures justify these laws by saying 'Well it's your fault for dating a skank' or 'Who is the idiot out dating whores'" says John Anderson  "Well forgive me for having faith in humanity, forgive me for believing the false information.".

Given the broad usage of the spoken word, it is important for people to understand that just because people are opposed to this bill doesn't mean they support domestic violence. It means that we live in a free country and we want it to remain that way.  If people don't get up and say something they will eventually strip us of all our rights, and we thought we were supporting a cause of Violence against Women. Anderson stresses  "Don't ever judge a book by its cover, just because it says, Violence

Against Women Act, does not mean that is what they are supporting. They just use titles' like that to make people believe that if they are going against the bill they are supporting violence against women. This is not the case at all, as I don’t support violence period. However, I do support equal rights and when I see something that is essentially stripping us of our freedom I will stand up and say something. That is the way I am, if they want to lock me up over that fine. I know that I am not alone on this issue and I urge all men out there who are the victims of domestic violence to speak up on this issue.

If we don't than innocent men across the country will be locked up. Basically the way the law is set up, it's set up so even if a false accusation is made, they call it 'battered witness syndrome' (In no place do they account for the amount of witnesses that lie) , and bring you to trial anyways knowing that they have no evidence to support a conviction. So even the woman are victims to this, because what might be said one day in the heat of an agruement cannot be taken back and you too will lose everything you worked for. I am sure that there are cases out there where some of the info in this article does not apply. However, I am writing this article to light the torch and hope that others understand where I am coming from. Basically all the WAVA bill does is give the state the right arrest you and bring you to trial without probable cause. In some cases, charge you with crimes that do not even exist." says John Anderson "The government is supposed to serve its people and not harm them. Right now if you are a man living in the state of Vermont, your girlfriend can have you locked up, and the state will take you to trial without the evidence needed for a conviction. As we all know most of the cases are settled before a trial occurs, which results in many people pleading guilty to charges that they shouldn't be charged with. “

"   So we are not asking that this bill be Vetoed, and no one is asking for the right to assault women. All we want is equal rights and our God given rights, because if we know it or not we actually don't have any. So stand up and be a voice that is heard, come to a leveled agreement that offers protections to both sides, because in its current form we cannot count on  it lasting forever, and will eventually have to accept a drastic change. So they can rally up all the women and say that we are trying to strip them of their rights. However, our only goal is to protect the God given rights, not only to the Men and Women of America, but to mankind." Says Anderson
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