F2 Savannah Cat "Trouble" is named Guinness World's Tallest Domestic Cat tm

Savannah Islands Trouble was given the title of World's Tallest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records tm, in October of 2011.
Worlds tallest (640x426)
Worlds tallest (640x426)
April 24, 2012 - PRLog -- Although a Savannah cat named Trouble has been named World's Tallest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records tm, they do NOT typically reach this size. Savannah cats are bred to be taller and longer than a domestic cat, but when it comes to height, Trouble is definitely one of a kind in that department...

If you are planning on bringing a wonderful Savannah into your family, please do your research first!

Some breeders will claim their cats will be large, when in fact, it really is impossible to be able to tell what adult size they will be. Case in point, Trouble has many siblings, and NONE of them have gotten even close to his size. Be aware if a breeder tells you that a cat will end up being very large.

Make sure you are paying a fair price, research the prices... priced too low could be warning sign, and priced way over the average is definitely something to run from and could be a sign of a breeder that is just wanting your money and will not provide you with the quality of cat that you would expect for that price.

Breeders can claim they breed the biggest, the tallest, or the best looking... but selecting a savannah is much more than all of that. It is a personal decision, and should be thought through, there are kittens that would fit in perfectly in one home, but not in another. These cats are not one size fits all. Personality should be a big consideration when making your choice as well, as cats do not grow out of a personality problem, and that can cause issues for you as they get older.

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