New Product Eliminates Outrageous Collection Agency Fees

Company revolutionizes debt collection to help businesses save time and money
April 24, 2012 - PRLog -- In a time when debt continues to spiral out of control, many companies and individuals are looking to debt collection agencies to recover money and payables owed to them. The older a debt gets the harder it is to collect on is the problem facing businesses.

With collection agencies charging as much as a 50% commission it can be expensive to have someone else collect your debt and why bring in a third party if you don’t have to.  

Minnehaha Judgment has recently launched a new product/service which allows you to be your own debt collection department and eliminates outrageous agency costs and fees.

“Your Collection Department enables even the smallest business to operate their own collection department,” said Gene Martinez, President of Minnehaha Judgment.  “By simply entering in a few details about their debtor and the nature of their debt into an online database, clients will be provided with the FDCPA compliant collection letters and materials to send out to debtors.  The major benefit is that 100% of all funds collected will be mailed directly to your business by the debtors and you keep 100% of all the money collected.  Or a payment plan can be set up.”

Your Collection Department is a state-of-the-art debt collecting program that will revolutionize the way small and independently owned businesses handle their accounts receivable.  The system is entirely automated from the production of collection letters to invoicing clients for service fees.

The following are some of the advantages of using Your Collection Department:
•   Access your account 24 hours per day
•   Enter accounts into your own password protected database
•   Provide the debtor’s address, amount due & type of debt
•   We mail a series of four powerful collection letters
•   The debtor makes payment directly to you
•   We cover the cost of postage and all supplies
•   We handle mailing & do all the work saving you valuable time
•   Track the status of your collection efforts online

“Many businesses are leaving money on the table by failing to aggressively service their accounts receivables in a timely manner,” said Martinez.  “Your Collection Department solves this problem.”  

For more information or to get started operating your own collection department visit: or call 612-460-7224.

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