The Doctrine Of Golsol - Part 1

The rules and regulation of golsol as a way of life. Golsol the paradise on earth. The goodness of life and the survival of the living.
April 22, 2012 - PRLog -- THE DOCTRINE OF GOLSOL - Part 1.

In every organization there should be doctrines to follow to enable members act accordingly. For Golsol, our doctrine is universal. Most of them are the normal day to day activities overlooked but are injurious to good relationship and sincerity. More will be in the Golsol complete websites when ready and in Golsol manual.

1. Respect the aged at all time as age is something you cannot buy in any market. You must live it.
2. Never look lustfully on a married woman even if she seem to be seducing you.
3. Avoid telling lies. Tell the truth even if it can lead to problem. The truth saves and reduce punishment.
4. Do not be selfish with what you have. Give to others but do not give that you may lack. Give wisely.
5. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Promises not kept brings shame and disregard.
6.  Avoid slander, gossip and envy as they all are symbol of evil mind..
7. Be moderate in your way of life.
8. Avoid wasteful arguments as they yield no fruit and are not beneficial.
9. Obey the GOLDEN RULE i.e Do to others as you want them do to you and love your friends, family and neighbors as yourself.
10. Absolutely care for all you come across in life under minding religion, race, color, culture, sex or nationality
11. Make peace with all you meet any day anytime and anywhere.
12. Watch what you say about anything. If you cant say good words then keep your mouth shut.
13. Do not concern yourself with matters you know nothing about unless you want to learn. Then ask humbly that you may be thought rightly.
14. Do not be boastful to others as you don't know if they are better than you in many ways.
15. Be upright and be sincere to all you meet.
16. Since you cannot love without caring, then care for all you love. Show love to all and care for all.
17. Those you care for and do not want you to care for them, leave them alone that moment as there is still another day to care for them.
18. Do not get Angry over anything. You cannot do anything right in Anger. Anger is a problem to mutual relationship and harmony.
19. Always carry a smiling face even when in distress. A lovely smile can heal wounds and attract appreciation.
20. Do not steal or rob from another person. It brings shame and disgrace and destroys good reputation.
21. Never think of taking your own life (Suicide) no matter what as there is always room for solution to any problem.
22. If you don't have, ask from another. it is better to beg than to steal. More better is to work hard to meet all your personal needs and that of your family if you have responsibility.
23. In whatever you do, do it right. If you work do your work with pleasure. If you play, play with care not to offend others. If you talk, talk wisely and select your words. Say the right thing at the right time and never boast. If you drive, drive carefully and remember to respect others.
24. Obey the law of the land as the law is normally meant to keep people together. Life is meant for all to live.
25. Stand your ground if you are sure you are right but apologize if you are wrong. Before you claim you are right, evaluate the matter properly or seek advice from a wiser person to avoid mistake that can bring shame.
26. Do not kill. Avoid rather than get injured. But if you see who want to kill you and you have no way to escape, it is your right to defend yourself. Think any matter 10 times before you act. Only one life to live on earth. Reincarnation is not a guarantee to coming back to earth.
27. Before you follow anything or group or association, look at the negative and positive side before you follow or join.
28. You must be your brother or sister keeper in the sense that you must be interested in their problem even if you cannot solve it personally. You must also try to use any means available in your possession to assist. This is to truly CARE. But if your brother and your Sister ask you to mind your own business, give them time to think for they may still comeback to you. Do not aggravate matters.
29. Do not take advantage of anyone because you are in higher position. Do not be deceitful in anyway.
30. Do not embezzle what is meant for a community or group of people for yourself. The truth will always come out and it will bring shame to you and your family. Be diligent in your ways. Be sincere.
31. When the evil ones try to persecute you, do not react. Just give them a smiling face and go your own way.
32. Nurture your child in a way that the child will follow the good. A good child brings prestige to a father.
33. Listen to your wife and not to gossip. Follow your heart and not what people say. The negative part of the living has no limit unless they avoid evil doing.
34. Try to owe no man anything. If you owe try to pay. If you cannot pay plead for time to pay. Do the same to whosoever owe you.
35. Do not take your friends girl friend or wife. Girlfriends are wife to be. Wives are dearly beloved asset to their husband.
36. Do not be Greedy. Greediness is a symbol of evil or demonic possession. It leads to shame and disgrace. When you are greedy, people will avoid you. Prosperity under greed leads to disaster.
37. If you LEAD, lead wisely. Care for the people you lead. A good leader takes his people as his own children. He or She never lead them to lack or cry or suffer. Only a Evil Leader bring hunger and suffering to his or her land and people.
38. If you are religious, serve your God with all your heart. Remember that no matter your religion, only if you truly love and care for the people around you shows you are a child of a Holy God. Caring and Loving is the true confirmation of FAITH.
39. Do not be discriminative. Do not look scornfully at anyone. Do not be racial. Do not under estimate anyone. Do not bear false witness against anyone. Do not refuse to help when you know you can help. Always be interested in the good affairs of others unless you are not allowed to.
40. It is a crime against God and Humanity to deprive the living from surviving in any land they are. Be them your won or not. Be them black or white. Be them poor or rich. Be them beautiful or ugly or disabled. Care and love equally.

Peace be to you all that read as you practice this doctrine.

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