Athena Allergy Welcomed Back to ACDS Conference

Athena Allergy President, Lea Dow, made a welcome return to the ACDS Conference as she introduced her company's line of certfied nickel free products. Society members recognized the value these products will bring to their nickel allergic patients.
April 11, 2012 - PRLog -- Lea Dow, President and owner of Athena Allergy and NoNickel, was welcomed back to the Annual American Contact Dermatitis Society Meeting on March 15, 2012.  Formerly a regular exhibitor at these meetings, Ms. Dow was excited to introduce her nickel free products to the elite in the dermatology and allergy fields.  

The quality and style of the certified nickel free belts, belt buckles, earrings, and watches offered by Athena Allergy were evident to the physicians attending the conference.  The nickel free belts were a huge hit, with several members ready to place orders for themselves.  When questioned specifically about these belts, Ms. Dow responded that while “there is a wide range of price and style, each and every product is tested to assure that it does not contain any nickel”.  This is how her company is able to offer Certified Nickel Free™ goods that are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.  

This certification comes as welcome news for these physicians whose nickel allergic patients suffer from severe rashes that diminish their quality of life.  For years, they have tried products with a “hypoallergenic” label to find that only the overlay or top coating of the product was nickel free. With time and regular wear, this layer diminishes allowing nickel to contact the skin.  Some sufferers have given up on wearing jewelry, watches, or belts with metal buckles. With certified nickel free products, these problems are resolved. Ms. Dow and her husband, Michael, have over forty-five years combined nickel allergy experience and want to be able to help those allergic to nickel live a comfortable life.  Their knowledge and dedication to this mission are noted by ACDS members who are pleased to again have them available as a resource for nickel allergy needs.

At the conference exhibit, Ms. Dow displayed several beautifully designed, nickel free earrings that are handmade by an artist who suffers from nickel allergy.  The time and effort that has gone into these works of art was recognized by those who had an opportunity to view these nickel free products. They also realized immediately the importance of offering these earrings.  Frequently, it is through piercing that an individual becomes sensitized to nickel, thus leading to the inability to wear the very products piercing was meant to allow.  “There is a huge need for truly nickel free jewelry”, Ms. Dow stated as she emphasized that Athena Allergy products meet that need.

Following the conference, Athena Allergy mailed out samples of Nickel Solution™, an easy-to-use and invaluable kit that allows users to test for nickel in metal items through the use of Nickel Alert™ and then to provide a protective barrier by coating the metal item with Nickel Guard™.  Lea and Michael Dow believe that this kit will allow allergists and dermatologists to see for themselves how simple managing a nickel free lifestyle can be. Nickel Solution, in combination with the certified nickel free products offered at Athena Allergy, can help make painful and itchy nickel rashes a thing of the past.

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Nickel Allergy Experts! We offer a unique product that will test for nickel in jewelry and other metal items - Nickel Alert, as well as a proven effective barrier from nickel - Nickel Guard. Quick and easy to use Nickel Solution.

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