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Those struggling to qualify for most lending options can now gain access to smaller personal loans that accept bad credit. New plans offering small short term loans with easy qualification requirements are now in high consumer demand.
By: Lisa Burroughs
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April 10, 2012 - PRLog -- New options have been made available for bad credit score burdened consumers that make getting approved for a loan as easy as filling out a few basic questions and directing the lenders as to where the money can be deposited. If one is looking for a personal loan quick, then it may be beneficial to look into a payday loan.

With these type of personal loans the money is borrowed toward the next payday, and applicants don't even have to leave their house to collect the money, since all payouts are made electronically.

Those interested can apply at:

The approval process is quick and easy, allowing users to access their money fast in their time of need. Even payments can be made online, on which qualified applicants are offered cash back.

These loans require borrowers to be a U.S. citizen, over 18 years old and to be employed or be able to provide proof of income. Following the applicants approval, the money is wired directly into the borrowers account and the money can be used at their discretion.

With rising bills and food prices, these personal loans offer a much welcome service to people in need.

Payday personal loans are typically used for:

- Emergency bills
- Preventing property foreclosure or repossession
- Steering clear of late fees and penalties
- Paying for essentials like food or utility bills

The personal loan industry in the United States has been very volatile since 2008 when the stock market crashed. It has become difficult to obtain such loans since then but it is possible and is getting much easier now since the markets have started to bounce back.

The Federal Housing Administration recently announced that it will disqualify potential borrowers with credit disputes greater than $1,000. It also released changes to its insurance premium structure for homebuyers.

Since yesterday, up-front insurance premiums will increase to 1.7 percent of the loan amount, up from 1 percent. Additionally, annual insurance costs for purchase loans, paid monthly, will rise .1 percentage points.  The increase in annual insurance costs is even greater for loans above $625,500, making a .35 point jump.

On the other hand, FHA refinances will see a drop in fees. Starting in June, the FHA will reduce its upfront and annual premiums for pre-existing FHA debtors, saving the average FHA borrower approximately $3,000 per year.

The bad credit lending industry has released statistics revealing refinancing isn't just for home loans anymore as consumers are using bad credit loan refinance services for smaller, short term borrowing to reduce costs and buy time.

The terms of these loans are usually short, depending on the pay cycle. These types of loans almost always have high interest rates. However, they are probably the easiest ones to get. Since the payment is taken directly from the bank account, they usually require to have a bank account.

For those who have rising monthly bills and have a hard time making ends to meet, these personal loans offers a way to access the best possible rates and the most professional service to help make ends meet.

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