Phillip S. Miller Grant Awards Zuma's Rescue Ranch $10,000.00

Since 2008 Zuma's Has been providing the under-served members of the community with an alternative form of therapy. ZEAL, Zuma's Equine Assisted Learning program provides much needed assistance for children and families throughout the front range.
April 10, 2012 - PRLog -- The Philip S. Miller Grant Program is the legacy of Douglas County businessman and philanthropist Philip Simon Miller and his wife, Jessie. In 1980 the Millers, having no children, established The Philip S. Miller Charitable Trust and named nine beneficiaries to receive an annual cash distribution from income generated by the trust upon their deaths. Trust distributions are to be used "exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes."

If not for forward thinking philanthropists such as the Millers, many members of our community would slip through the cracks of society left under served. Zuma's is grateful for the funding in-trusted them to provide much needed social services in our community.

In our society it is the meek that need a voice, and voice is what Zuma's Equine Assisted Learning gives those in need. Many of our program participants are part of a fast- paced assembly line education, one in which some people are not well suited. If a student falls behind, the typical intervention includes a diagnosis, subsequent label and often times pharmaceutical intervention. In some cases those measures are necessary, unfortunately in many more cases these are extreme measures to mask symptoms versus addressing the root cause for behaviors.

Zuma's Equine Assisted Learning program is here to work with individuals and their families’ seeking alternatives to the more traditional education interventions, as well as to lend support to schools seeking a variation of treatment plans.

Our herd of 46- horses rescued from their own form of being misunderstood and subsequently cast off, are great mirrors for the many children suffering in our communities. These horses stories often reflect the same stories and feelings surrounding the children’s rejections an failures. Together the horse and human develop a sense of kinship opening a door to understanding, and eventually healing of souls.

Once the wounded soul is recovered, focus is given to the true cause of the learning deficit, a student’s way of learning is revealed through experience and effective education plans can be put in place. Once a learning style is unveiled and the needs addressed these kids ability to learn soars.

If you would like to join the efforts at Zuma's Rescue Ranch, please visit to familiarize yourself with our volunteer opportunists, sponsorship program as well as internship program.

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Unique services provided for the welfare of foster children and slaughter bound horses.
We save the horses from slaughter and pair them with children in foster care providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Therapy, job training, after care, and more

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