Change IP Address Fast | 3 Ways to Quickly Change Your PC IP Address

Most ways changing IP address are time consuming and more time than not result in a proxy server that is extremely slow and useless. See 3 different ways to change your IP address and one way to change your IP without having to restart anything...
By: Daniel Sherman
April 6, 2012 - PRLog -- Change IP Address Fast | 5 Ways to Quickly Change Your PC IP Address

WHAT IS AN IP ADDRESS? If you already know what an IP address is and just want to learn how to change your IP address fast without having to restart your browser, router, or Windows then skip this part and go to

The Internet consists of hundreds of thousands of computers transferring data back and forth millions of times per day. in order for the protocols that are responsible for delivering these messages and data to the right locations the Internet has to have a way to uniquely identify each computer that is connected to the Internet. This is what an IP address is. A good analogy for you to be able to easily relate to what an IP address is is think of the Internet as the mail system. In order for mail to be delivered to the correct houses the mail has to be addressed to where it's going otherwise the mailman would have no idea where to deliver it. This is why they give each house a unique physical address. In the same way your IP address gives your computer its unique address on the Internet.

WHY CHANGE YOUR IP ADDRESS? although this system of IP address is for uniquely identifying computers online is fantastic and the system works there are downsides to it. The biggest downside is your IP address can be used maliciously by someone if they want to such as hackers. Also your IP address is not the only thing exposed about your PC when you visit websites. Much more information about your PC is exposed including the browser you're using, the operating system you're using, the last website you are at, and a whole lot more. To give you an example of what your computer is currently exposing all websites of visits on the Internet go right now to


Force your Internet service provider to provide you with new IP address: This is basically done by launching your command prompt on your computer and going through a process of what is referred to as an IP release and an IP renew. Although it is not very difficult to do if done too frequently this may raise an eyebrow with your Internet service provider. Also you are very limited with how you can change your IP address. No matter how many times you use this method you're still going to be provided with an IP address that designates you as being on your ISPs network. The real power in being able to change your IP address comes with the ability to change it to any location worldwide and to be able to change your IP address address like this quickly.

Using a web based proxy server: This method involves visiting a website that is specifically designed to allow you to surf the Internet anonymously. Websites like these have a navigation text box usually in the middle of the page. In this text box you enter the web address of the website you wish to visit and the web based proxy server takes you to that website through their website. What ends up happening is all websites that you visit this way don't see any of your computers personal information like IP address, operating system etc. but instead see the web based proxy servers information. The web based proxy server essentially acts as a bodyguard for your computer and your identity online. The biggest problems with this method is more often than not web based proxy servers take advantage of the situation and bombard you with tons of pop-ups and intrusive advertisements at best and some of them will actually use it as an opportunity to download and install spyware, Trojans, and viruses to your PC. So although a web based proxy server can be an extremely effective method for hiding your IP address and online identity it can be risky unless you can find some web based proxy servers that have been tested as reliable and honest. lists three good and legitimate web based proxy servers that are safe and fast.

Manually manipulating your web browser's Internet settings: this method involves finding proxy servers IP address and port numbers and entering them into your web browser's Internet settings. This is accomplished by navigating a series of menus and dialog boxes. The exact procedure varies slightly from browser to browser. The biggest downside to this method is it is quite tedious and time-consuming especially considering the fact most proxy server IP addresses provided free on the Internet don't work or are extremely slow. The end result is having to go through the series of steps many times until you finally find an IP address port number combination that works.

Software-based IP changing proxy server (Browser Add Ons): There are basically two varieties of this type of IP changing program. The first type which is the more common type is actually an add-on for your browser. These types of proxy servers are normally compatible with Internet Explorer and sometimes Firefox. This type of proxy server ends up being an added bar or strip placed on your web browser's toolbar. On this toolbar there is usually a drop-down box that you can select a variety of proxy servers. Some of these types of proxy servers require a restart of the browser and some do not. This is one of the better methods of changing your IP address the biggest downside is you are limited to whatever specific browsers this IP address changing utility is attached to.

Software-based IP changing proxy server (Stand Alone): This method of changing your IP address is generally the most powerful and most flexible. This method involves the use of an independent software program not attached to any particular browser. The reason these are better is these cause your entire computer to run through the new IP address. So no matter which application or browser you use to connect to the Internet you are running through that new IP address. Some self standing IP changing software programs come with proxy servers (reliable and fast IP address) built into their software program and some do not. Many people attempt to use free proxy servers listed online further IP changing software programs but you'll probably quickly find that the majority of them are unreliable and/or extremely slow. This is because they are free.

A STAND ALONE IP CHANGING SOFTWARE PROGRAM WITH IP ADDRESS BUILT IN: if you're interested in the standalone software method of changing your IP address it is strongly suggested you have a look at WindowsfastIPchanger.exe. This IP changing software program:

(1) comes with fresh fast and responsive IP addresses built-in. At any time select the menu - Proxies > Download Fresh Proxies - and WindowsfastIPchanger.exe immediately scours the Internet for IP addresses tested within the last 60 minutes. within about 5 seconds time WindowsfastIPchanger.exe loads with up to 100 of these fresh, just tested, proxy servers/ip addresses.
(2) changing your computers IP address to any one of the proxy servers now loaded into the program is a simple matter of double-clicking any of them. Instantly your computers IP address changes to that IP address you just double clicked. The changes instantaneous. There is no need to restart anything. You do not need to restart your browser, your router, or Windows.
(3) WindowsfastIPchanger.exe IP addresses are from a variety of locations all across the world including China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, United States, and dozens of different locations allowing you maximum flexibility of where you'd like your computer to appear it is from.


Of the methods we discussed for changing your computers IP address the absolute best are either a software program that is an add-on to your browser or a stand-alone software program dedicated to changing your computers IP address.
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